Monday, May 12, 2008
18 Ways To Be A Better Mom
Well, instead of feeling like I deserved pampering on Mother's Day I honestly felt a little guilty.

I could be a better mom I thought.

So I wrote a list of ideas to myself of ways to be a better mom and I thought I would share them.

  1. Be as happy as Jesus. So I know that sounds weird, but what that means to me is not super, super fake happy all the time, but a sort of peaceful, quiet happy. Do you get this?
  2. Be mindful of the words I speak. Pay attention to myself.
  3. Give my kids a steady supply of fiction and nonfiction books from the library.
  4. Look nice for my family. Just because I stay home doesn't mean I should look like I just woke up all day -every day. Smell nice, look nice. Exercise. It matters.
  5. Hang pictures of great art prints in the kids bathroom- rotate them periodically- so they have something to look at as they are brushing their teeth for 2 min.
  6. Cook meals they love with love.
  7. Do chores, baking and homework together.
  8. Keep the house clean- not spotless- but clean enough.
  9. Listen to my kids- pay attention to their needs.
  10. Teach them important life skills (cooking, laundry, finances, career planning, child care, conserving resources, gardening, health, thrift, etc.)
  11. Make memories (trips, local outings, family activities, holidays, cultural activities)
  12. Give them opportunities (lessons, sports, jobs, contests, events)
  13. Support them in what they are interested in.
  14. Do not over schedule
  15. Hang out and be a sitting, available mom
  16. Be positive (overall)
  17. Pray together
  18. Be firm yet loving and kind ( I have to get that Parenting with Love a Logic book!)
Any other ideas?


Blogger daysgoby said...
My mom used to tell me (well, she still does, actually!) that I wanted to remember: Better than me.

This is a short-hand version of the idea that you are helping your children grow into good people, passing on life-lessons to them, and hopefully helping them avoid pitfalls that you yourself went through - so that they become better that you.

I love your list.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Very good list, I am taking some notes from you.

Blogger JennyLou said...
Excellent list, Jen.

To add:
Show them that you can succeed as well; that you are a person with your own life and are living it well, as well as caring for them and being their mother.
That you make mistakes and can make them right again, that you can apologise, that things can make you angry but that you deal with your anger without spite or aggression (the way you would like them to manage theirs), that you get sad too, that sometimes you have a bad day like them and also need a hug, that you are human and that you are doing your best. What you do may not be perfect, but it is good enough and that even though sometimes they do not like what you say or do, you are THEIR mom and the best one that they will ever have. X

Blogger Anita said...
Jennylou beat me to it... I was going to say what she said...:)
"modeling" a well adjusted, well rounded person for your kids... and making sure to take time to care for yourself is a good thing, too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wonderful list!

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