Thursday, April 10, 2008
What Am I Waiting For?
Well, it's a sunny day
I feel brand new
There's about a million things
That I could do!
Would you like to
Do them, too?
Well, it's a big wide world
And it's waiting for me and you!
I hear that song a lot because Piney LOVES Peep and The Big Wide World.


And the tune is catchy before it starts getting on your nerves.
I included it here because it goes along with my post and it is going on over and over in my head unfortunately.

My mom emailed me this YouTube video about this guy's last speech before he dies.

He spoke about living your dreams and stuff.
It got me thinking. If I only had six more months to live- what would I do with my time?
Seriously I was stumped. I had to think.
Did I have any childhood dreams still waiting out there for me?
O.K. pretend you can't spend all your money. What would you do if you only had a few months left?

And I don't mean the typical answers of telling everyone you love them.
I mean what would you want to do that you haven't yet done?
Would you continue watching the same old TV series your addicted to?
Would you really eat icecream all day?
Would you leave all your money to your kids? To a good cause? What cause?
Would you do a death bed repentance?
Would you want to hike a mountain? Swim in the ocean?
Go back and visit your childhood home?
Quit your job and do what you really wanted to do all along?

I think I would want to listen to a lot of inspiring music
and look at deeply moving art
and maybe create some of my own.
I think I would want to go for walks in the forest every day
and touch everything
I would want to have a sleepover party with friends
and talk about nothing
I would want to look deeply into each of my children's eyes and soak them in forever
I would want to teach them everything important and meaningful that I could think of
I would want to give them my undivided attention.

I would want to watch the sun rise and set every day.
I would want to eat food that was delicious and made me feel good.
I would want to talk to everyone- my neighbors, the people I pass on the street
I wouldn't take anything for granted.
I would appreciate every step of my day. Every ordinary thing would be a wonder.

The question is- if that is the case- if that is what I would do then

What am I waiting for?

Why not live it now?

Why not?

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Blogger Rachael said...
Love this post. I think you and I are having the same mid-30s crisis! (as opposed to mid-life crisis...which this is SO not, since we're going to live to be happy and spry 100 year olds, right?)

I'm enjoying your new blog theme. Lots of good food for thought. And, I didn't comment, but I did bookmark your post on women-to-women charities. I'd love to get involved in one of those. We are blessed with so much opportunity just by virtue of where we are born. Giving back should be a requirement!

Blogger Elle said...
I've seen parts of the lecture. I want to show it to a friend of mine who is having a rough go of life a the moment.

If I could do anything I would want to see parts of the world. But since money is limited, I would want to play one last season of hockey, teach my son as much as I could, and never take a day for granted.

Moreover, I want to live my life so that on my very last day I can't say "I should have."

Blogger Donna said...
That lecture was on ABC this week. I was smiling and in tears the whole time. If I had one thing I would quit my job and go to South Africa. I have it on my crayon "life plan" from first grade and haven't had the chance to do it yet.

If you do come back to the DC area, let me know and I'll make you yummy food from the garden!

Also, I wanted to thank you for adopting! I have a few friends that are adopted and I am thankful everyday for people like you who have enabled me to meet some great people. I've thought quite a bit about adopting, but would like to be married and a little more settled first.

I'm glad our blogs crossed paths!

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