Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Make a Difference: You are a Woman, a Daughter and a Mom- so are they
Nobody understands better than us.

And now that I have a daughter I understand even more.

Here are 6 ways you can make a big difference today in the lives of women around the world-

I have compiled all of this information in one place so it will be SO EASY for you to help.

1. Buy a fuel-efficient Darfur Stove ($20) HERE for use by the Darfurian women. (Come on! It's cheap!)

Why you ask? Because you are saving a woman and her daughters from getting raped, attacked and murdered.

When the displaced Darfur women and daughters leave the refugee camps to gather the materials for fuel (wood, etc.), they are vulnerable to attacks from the rebel groups and Janjaweed militants. These stoves help them prepare meals free of danger.

2. Pledge to never buy jewelry and other items (that can be handmade) from big corporations who already have enough money, when many poor women offer these same items and use the money to keep their families alive, clothed and educated while often caring for orphans.

Check out: Ten Thousand Villages and Taraluna and Wedge

3. In many developing countries, taxes do not pay for education, and many parents believe that the extra cost of tuition, textbooks, school uniforms, and school supplies is too great to be "wasted" on a girl- Thus cutting off their chances for a better life. Also, many women and girls rely on rags, newspaper, camel skin or nothing at all for their menstrual needs. A lack of sanitary pads can be a big barrier to a girl's education.You can help girls go or stay in school, so they can have a better future for themselves.

Check out these sites

Beads For Education and Good4Girls and World Education's Girls' and Women's Initiative and School shoes for girls in rural Africa and Send two girls to school in Afghanistan

4. Also check out the website: Globalfundforwomen.org. This site gives opportunities for women from a wide range of backgrounds. It is a grant-giving institution that advances women's human rights. My favorite way to support their cause is to shop here.

6. My sister-in-law told me about this: WomenToWomenInternational.org . Through this site she has been sponsoring a woman and they have been corresponding through letters. It is through this exchange that you can provide your "new sister" with emotional and financial help.
You can choose a woman in Congo, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sudan, Rwanda or many other places. She said that it has been a very rewarding experience. Go to the site to get more information.

Thanks for making a difference!

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Blogger Maggie said...
Good info! Another site is www.protectingfutures.com. I never thought about it until I saw a commercial, but many young girls in Africa have to stay home while they have their period because they don't have the proper sanitary supplies. When they miss a week of school each month over and over and over, they eventually get too far behind and have to leave school. It's a simple problem, but a real one.

Blogger sandy said...
What a great compilation... thank you for putting this together. I'm going to look at it more after the kid's are off to school.

Think I'll listen to some Floyd today. =)

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
thanks for the info. every bit helps

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Great post!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the info!

Blogger Christine said...
Thanks for sharing! Us women have to support each other.

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