Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Teaching Moment: Your Life Is Over How Did You Live It?
My alarm went off and those are the words that echoed loudly in my head like a powerful wake up call.

"Your Life Is Over How Did You Live It?"

It scared me really. I don't think that has ever happened to me before.

When I came to my senses I realized my life wasn't really over and I wondered what I had been dreaming about.

I thought about the words and wondered why they had come to into my mind like that.

Was I supposed to learn something here?

Perhaps I needed to pay more attention to my life. My life is passing me by and there are no second chances. No do-overs. When it is over, it is over.

Am I having the life I want to have?

I realized that I go through a lot of my days in a kind of fog. This is especially true if I have spent a long time at the computer or in front of the T.V. I just do my routine without really paying attention.

I need to start noticing things. To really get into life.

Maybe I need to learn some new skills that really get me in touch with life like making homemade bread, learning to knit, starting a garden on our balcony, and paying attention to nature as I walk the kids to school. Maybe I need to pay more attention to people and less to things.

M came home from work and he was upset because his Rayban sunglasses were missing.

I would have felt exactly the same. Those are expensive sunglasses.

Then suddenly I realized how silly that was. M owns like 5 pairs of sunglasses.

Why do we hold on so strongly to our possessions that we don't need?

Perhaps that is another change I need to make. Let go of my possessions.

I mean let go about caring about them.

Be free.

Our family had our weekly meeting to talk about a goal we were going to work on this week. We decided to take Victor Frankl's advice and realize we always have choices. We can always choose our attitude and actions in every circumstance. We can choose to respond positively instead of our knee jerk reaction.

Hmmm. Maybe this is another way to be free.

Maybe those are the lessons I needed to learn, and maybe they are just the beginning.

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Blogger Michelle Smiles said...
I spend too many days just trying to get through them. I need to stop and appreciate them and what I have...but it is hard to do in the moment. One of those things am working on.

Blogger Elle said...
I try my best to live my life that in the end I can't say "I should have." That is my biggest fear.

I don't think it is so much of how much you know, or how much stuff you do, but rather how you go about living your life. Were you a kind person? Or were you an ass to everyone you met. Although seeing the Sistine Chapel might be nice someday.

Anonymous Isabella said...
I've been enjoying your blog, especially the last week. I love the idea of making a difference in the world. A difference that will have a ripple effect like a small stone throw into water.

I find it interesting you would post this, the same day I was thinking this all day (and weekend really). As my brother almost died, and a good friend has lost someone close who was so young (17 years old). As always when this happens (death) it makes me realize the uncertainity of how long we will be on this planet and how our time precious.

Personally I hope I don't have to answer that question soon. I hope I get to stay a while.

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