Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Johnson and Johnson Baby Camp

Well I just got the news.

Unfortunately, "Johnson and Johnson" cannot provide international flights for Camp Baby.


Despite the controversy, I was so excited to get invited to this conference, but a flight to the states is cost prohibitive.

The good news is they are sending me a package of the presentation materials discussed at the Camp, as well as Johnson's Baby products.

Pineapple will be so excited. She loves lotions and stuff. Rubbing lotion is still a great bonding activity.

I can also feel good about it because Johnson and Johnson is a socially responsible company and even though it isn't organic, it gets high marks for it's awesome policies. READ HERE.

Yesterday I was actually thinking of making my own rich lotion with this recipe that uses baby lotion as an ingredient.

I have been thinking about making my own cleaners too.

I was out of laundry detergent yesterday and my kids were out of clean clothes, so I did a little research and I found a basic recipe for making my own detergent.

I didn't have the ingredients listed, so I decided to experiment. For people who know me this is no surprise.

I had a little Woolite (about 3/4c.)- so I took a bar of soap and started shaving it into a cup of boiling water. It soon turned into a gel-like substance. I let it cool for a little while and then I added the Woolite and mixed it together.

I then used about 2 T. for each load of laundry.

It worked great! I was able to get a whole weeks laundry done (from our trip) with just a little bit of Woolite on hand. I am going to try to get the "real" recipe ingredients next time I am at the store.

This could save a lot of money over time. It will also cut down on our trash and it is better for the environment. I am going to keep a back up of my favorite commercial laundry on hand, but it is expensive- so only for emergencies!

As I was looking for laundry detergent recipes I found recipes for tons of other stuff- such as dishwasher detergent and other cleaners. I can even make my own Softscrub!

And the great thing is- it is all SUPER easy!

Do you have a great "make-it-yourself" recipe? Share it!

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Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
too bad I wasnt invited. it is in my own state for crying out loud.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
BEST fabric softener I know for towels etc is a mixture of plain white vinegar and bicarb soda. 2 tablespoons of bicarb and 2 cups of vinegar (IIRC) in the rinse water and your towels will come up really fluffy, soft and absorbent.
Also a mixture of vinegar and bi-carb is great for cleaning baths etc. Sprinkle the bicarb into the bath and then wipe over with a cloth doused in white vinegar. Its also really fun to just put vinegar on a pile of bicarb and watch the volanco!

Blogger Kelly said...
Check out the care2 site a bit more. I think it was there that talked about Borax being a potential problem as well. I think they have a good laundry detergent recipe, like the 'soft scrub' one.

If it wasn't there it might have been on Debre Lynn Dadd's site. I have found both extremely useful in cleaning my cleaning supplies.

Good Luck!

Blogger Isle Dance said...
I love this! I really want to do this myself, due to how much plastic is used to package even the eco detergents. Thanks for the pody. :o)

Blogger Isle Dance said...

"Thanks for the poST!"

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