Friday, February 08, 2008
Clearing The Clutter
I just finished cleaning my house.

Not just cleaning my house. I mean taking bags and bags of stuff to the thrift store. New stuff even. Stuff that we have owned forever and never opened because what if we needed it someday. Because how could I get rid of new stuff, or barely used once stuff? But I just did it. And our house looks so clean and free.

I can actually walk into my closet. I have been wondering what color the floor was for awhile now.

Hmmm. It 's this ugly greyish white color.

Oh the rewards of cleaning.


Blogger Maggie said...
Consider it a compliment, Jen. People are very impassioned about where you will or will not live. I remember when you were blogging about the states (ha!) that the military might move you to and were making your list of preferences (ha!). I stumbled across a post on a blog that was entirely written to defend Texas because of negative-Texas comments that people had left on your blog. It was pretty ridiculous.

Blogger Beth said...
Please don't ever feel like you have to apologize for anything you write here. This is YOUR blog. Those were YOUR feelings.

I will continue to read your blog regardless of where you live or where you want to live! :)

Blogger Willow said...
I too was like you. So crapped out on Republicans that I was going to vote Demo no matter what. However, as always I'm planning on weighing the candidates heavily and voting for the person I think will do the best job regardless of party affiliation. That being said, I'm seriously considering Caucusing Saturday to vote for the Demo candidate that I like.

Blogger Elle said...
Ok, that last comment was from Elle. Sorry. I've been working on a site for Willow and was logged into her account. Oops.

Anonymous Kerry said...
I think it's pretty natural that someone with family from Utah, who doubtless knows lots of good, decent, Mormon people, would have an emotional response to all the news commentary saying that Mitt Romney was rejected in certain states because of his religion. To the extent that that may be why his campaign couldn't get off the ground, it's a very sad thing.

But it just goes to show what an open minded person you are that a day later you can admit that you maybe weren't being fair to all the people who voted for Huckabee, or to all the people who live in those states.

Blogger Lea said...
First let me say that I voted for McCain. I am a republican and will not vote democratic. I am sorry you feel negatively towards Huckabee. I am from Arkansas and he served us well as governor.You may already know this, but he is very conservative-a Baptist preacher. He is also really big on health and conservation of our earth's resources. He pushed for a state healthcare program for most children and families in Arkansas based on income. He banned unhealthy snacks in our schools. He also has promoted alternative gas products in our state. Here is a quote from his website:"We have to explore, we have to conserve, and we have to pursue all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, and biomass. Some will come from our farms and some will come from our laboratories."
I love reading your blog by the way and am in the process of adopting from Russia.

Blogger Dreamer girl said...
That is why we are Americans, we live for freedom of speech. That's okay to have an opinion.Obviously, that is why your blog has been so popular because people like your opinions. About two weeks ago I cleaned my house and saw the "floor" again. Unfortunately, it never stays that way. Oh, the path of good intentions never stays paved to long.

Blogger :: Suzanne :: said...
I'm rooting for Ron Paul whom you might want to look into before your jump parties. That being said, if Dr. Paul doesn't get the nomination, I'll be voting for Obama. McCain is a WarBird and Huckabee, is, well, he's Huckabee.

Anonymous Erin said...
Jen, I love your blog. I've been reading religously since just before your first trip to Russia. I read for your opinions, and I'm sure that's why you blog, to express your opinions. I think it is so crazy that in todays society it is not "ok" to speak your opinion or to discuss politics and religion. (Doesn't anyone remember that our country was founded on Christian beliefs? Ugh...I just get so frustrated by all of this.) I don't think you should apologize for your opinions and beliefs. But before you make any decisions on who you will be voting for, please please please check out Ron Paul. Regardless of his "fighting chance", I think he's worth the vote. Here is his website.
Along with Huckabee's, because even though he might of said something you weren't to pleased with doesn't mean he doesn't have some great ideas. I mean, if we wrote off everyone who said things we didn't agree with or like, then would there be anyone left?

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