Thursday, June 22, 2006
Is There Time for You after Adoption?
After adoption priorities for you:

1)Adoption support (list servs, blog, adoption support group you go to, professional help, prayer, friends who have toddlers or who have adopted, extended family, FRUA activities)

2) Exercise, bubble baths, take care of yourself

3) Activities with kids and family (toddler appropriate), time w/spouse

4) Clean house, meals and laundry

(I am not sure about this advice because a clean house supports my sanity. I don’t think I could put this last on my priority list)

Best to have a daily routine for you that meets your needs. Try to have a set wake-up and bed time, eat time, work and leisure time. Ensure you are doing at least one thing you love to do each day. Get lots of hugs from your spouse or someone you love. Mourn the loss of your personal space and time (I am unsure what this means exactly. Have a good cry?)

Go on walks (child in stroller while you listen to music or a book on tape). Read a book while sitting close to your child who is watching a cartoon. Try mommy and me exercise tapes or classes.

Most importantly: Enjoy, savor and cherish every moment you have with your new child that is finally in your forever family! I know you all will!!


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