Tuesday, May 16, 2006
The Monday Review- Time To Workout
To help in my quest to remain healthy (and have the energy to chase kids) I started exercising at home with aerobic videos or DVDs. Gyms are nice too. I have had some gym memberships in the past. If you like large exercise equipment and group classes than the gym is for you. A benefit of a gym is that there is child care. It is very difficult, really impossible to exercise at home with a young child in tow. However, sometimes having the child watch a show during the time you want to exercise at home is helpful, although there are no guarantees that this will hold the child’s attention the whole time. The only real solution is to have your husband or a babysitter watch your child if you want to exercise at home.

To assist anyone who thinks they may want to take this on I have decided to review my workout video collection. The advantages of working out at home is that you don’t have to hassle with driving, parking, etc., you don’t need to look good for anyone, you don’t have to get yourself and your child all ready to go out, it fits in a smaller time slot in your day and it costs WAY less than a gym. With any exercise program consistency is the key. 30-45 min. at least 3 days a week- you know the drill. If interested, I am sure you could find these for sale used or new at amazon.com. I will rate them: hard, medium or easy and tell you if they are one of my favorites. However, I do ALL of these. If I really didn’t like a workout video I would toss it or give it away. So the fact that these are on the list means they are pretty good.

Toning (For the most effective workout you need to alternate toning with aerobics. I think one of the most common mistakes people make when exercising is that they only do aerobics, or they only do ab crunches. This doesn’t work. You need to do complete toning and aerobic workouts)

ABS of Steel: Target Toning Workout, 30 min, medium, works abs in various ways- some different, unique exercises thrown in
The Firm: Firm Parts, Tough Tape 2, 45 min, hard, total body, favorite
The Firm: Body Sculpting Basics, 60 min, hard, total body, this is a classic, favorite- all Firm videos are very effective and highly recommended
Kathy Smith Time Saver: Lift Weights to Lose Weight, 2- 20 min workouts w/ 7 min abs, medium, Kathy is a bit hyper in this video
Kathy Smith Time Saver: Lift Weights to Lose Weight II, 2- 20 min workouts w/ 7 min abs, medium, this one is a bit better than the first one
Bazaar Spa Rancho La Puerta Bottom Line Workout, 55 min, medium, this is like taking a class at this nice resort, very soothing nurturing ending, favorite
Claudia Schiffer Perfectly Fit Buns, 30 min, medium, great photography, on location
The Firm: Total Body Maximum Body Sculpting, 45 min, medium, total body
The Firm Cross Trainers Super Sculpting, 50 min, hard, total body
The Firm Cross Trainers- Firm Strength, 60 min, hard, total body


Crunch Fat Blaster, 30 min, medium, basic aerobics routine
Crunch: Tae Boxing: Kickology and Tae Boxing Jam, 22 min. each, easy, I never do the kickology because it is too easy, the Tae Boxing is fun though, favorite
Reebok Versa Training: Hi-Low Aerobics, 30 min, medium, interesting art movie going on in the back, Petra Kolber has a comforting and supportive voice, the routine is better than others- a little different

Aerobics and Toning combined (My favorite)

Your Personal Best Workout w/ Elle Macpherson, 50 min, medium, this is a classic, great photography, filmed outdoors, great routine, favorite
10 Minute Solution, 40 min: 10 min of each: boot camp, pilates, ballet, kickboxing, yoga medium, Fun way to get in a variety of mini workouts, can do as much as you have time for, favorite
Karen Voight: Strong and Smooth Moves, 60 minutes, mediumthis is half aerobics and half toning, total body
Crunch: Boot Camp Training, 30 min, medium, high energy, very fun workout that includes everything- not boring
Redbook Shape 1-2-3, 3- 15 minute workouts, easy, I usually do the aerobics and toning section and skip the long stretch- it is a bit much, filmed outdoors
Firm Basics: Abs, Buns and Thighs, 45 min, easy, easy, great music, this is probably my most favorite exercise video, it is easy, but you can make it harder by using heavier weights and making slight adjustments
Denise Austin: Hit The Spot Gold- Sizzler, 35 min, medium, fun music and filmed on the beach at sunset, favorite
Denise Austin: Hit The Spot Gold- Fat Burning Blast, 2-25 min workouts, easy, I don’t do the first workout because it is too easy, but I really like the second one
Denise Austin: BLAST Away 10 lbs., 2- 20 min- kickboxing/ interval workout, medium, the first workout is a little harder then the second one, but I like them both, they are modern and fun, favorite
The Firm: Tough Aerobic Mix, 45 min, hard, this is the killer tape I wrote about earlier, good luck
Firm Basics: Sculpting w/ weights, 43 min, easy, total body, favorite

Please comment on what exercise program works best for you, or let us know if you own any workout videos and what you think of them. If you own one of these, let us know what you think of it. Any motivation tips would be great too.

Note: Please don't recommend spinning classes. If I ever have to do another spinning class I will consider shooting myself in the head. Thanks.


Blogger Tricia said...
I had one of the Cindy Crawford workout tapes that I liked, but it's VHS so no longer capable with our TV. I have to do something, since the move I've done 0% exercise. Michael has suggested that I get a treadmill at home so I don't have to hang out at the gym.

Blogger jeneflower said...
My friend has a Cindy Crawford tape and I did it with her once. It was fun. I liked it. I will have to look it up to see which one it was.

The fact that you own that many work out videos just amazes me. I own an am/pm yoga video. I was going to be diligent with it, but as with most stuff in my life it went by the wayside.

I used to work out with D when I was in College. Then I lifted 50 lb. boxes of greeting cards for my exercise. Then it was 75 lb. trees. I took an Irish Step Dance class for about 6 months. I walk about once every 3 months. I think gardening is the most strenuous thing I do now. Of course with the shear number of weeds I have to pull the workout can be pretty intense.

My hats off to you!! I wish I was so dedicated.

Blogger Elle said...
Ok, So I was logged in as D on that one. But wouldn't that be great if we could laugh at D for taking an irish step dancing class?

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