Thursday, April 20, 2006
Russian Adoption: Questions To Ask At The Children's Home
I got several emails from native Russian speakers and translators informing me that my Russian translations are horrible. I used a translation program and not a person, so this was the reason. They warned me to never trust a translation program. A couple of them graciously helped me redo my children’s home questions.

Please see the completely revised version here.

I will tell you one thing; I am going to do all of my post placement adoptive reports. I am going to do them on time. I am going to do them right and I am going to do all that is required because I know that my actions affect future adoptions. With that knowledge, how can any of us be slackers?

*Note: Post placements are reports that tell the Russian government that their children are being taken care of and are doing well. They usually contain a letter and photos, etc.*

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Anonymous Leggy said...
Glad you are back and that you had fun. Is it published anywhere who the 12 agencies are?

Blogger jeneflower said...
An email I received said this:

12 U.S. Adoption Agencies Targeted
> Combined Reports
> The Prosecutor General's Office on Tuesday called for revoking the
> accreditation of 12 U.S. adoption agencies, saying the companies had
> failed to file reports on the condition of Russian children after
> adoption.
> Deputy Prosecutor General Sergei Fridinsky warned in a letter to
> federal education officials that the agencies were in violation of
> laws and regulations.
> The agencies are Beacon House Adoption Services; Cradle of Hope
> Adoption Services; Frank Adoption Center, North Carolina; Main
> Adoption Placement Service; Adoption Together; ABC Adoption Services;
> Wake-Up; World Association for Children and Parents; Cradle Society;
> Commonwealth Adoption International; European Adoption Consultants;
> Creative Adoption; and Adoption Associates, according to a statement
> on the web site of the Prosecutor General's Office.
> No officials from the organizations could be immediately contacted for
> comment.

Blogger Margaret said...
Jen - Glad you're back! I missed you!

My agency is on the list of 12. It's just like the list of 31 that was "blacklisted" last fall. All but one turned out to be no problem at all. My agency's issue was that one post-placement report was about 2 children. It's already solved and is a non-issue. Fridinsky just likes to stir the pot.

Blogger jeneflower said...
That is very good to hear!!

Blogger Rhonda said...
Welcome home! I missed you and your lists :)

Blogger Tricia said...
Welcome home! The agency we are thinking of using (well, the parent agency) is on the list. We'll see what happens over the next few months. Our agency is up for re-accrediation in May.

Blogger Kay B said...
Our agency is on the list too. They have until May to clear it up, that is when their current accreditation expires. Good news is that (they say) even if they lose accreditation, any parents who have already been registered in a region will be allowed to complete their adoption. Hopefully it will all blow over and not affect anyone's adopiton. I guess this is the reality of the ever-changing world of international adoption.

Blogger Glo said...
Welcome back. Glad your trip was wonderful.

I guess I don't understand. A letter and photos of a happy well cared for child, doesn't sound like to much to ask. I hope they do clear it up responsibly!!!!

Blogger Elle said...
Welcome home!!
While our agency isn't on the list I too feel for those families whose agencies are. Especially those who had to go through the reaccreditation wait.

Blogger Starfish said...
Welcome back, you were missed!

Blogger Mike said...
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Blogger Mike said...
The latest news from Russia about the possible "blacklisting" of 12 agencies underscores the importance of filing post placement reports as required. Apparently that is what the Russian prosecutors calling for the action are citing as their reason for the move.

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