Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Russian Adoption Blogger
I was going to have a one month bloggy Anniversary day. The Anniversary of the day I started this blog. I was going to have a big celebration and send out expensive gifts to everyone. BUT I realized that I started this blog on January 30 and HELLO there is no February 30th, so therefore no big celebration or presents for ya’ll. Sorry.

Blame it on an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom which specified use of the Gregorian calendar (which later spread to the U. S.) or if you need to blame a live person you can simply log onto chat. Go ahead and YELL it out there. Nobody will be alarmed. They will just acknowledge another irate, irrational FRUA member.

Actually though, FRUA chat is not that bad, and I think it is quite nice that February is short because it is so cold. March gives hope for spring and closer to the anticipated REFERRAL.

It doesn’t seem real that we will EVER get a referral or that we will EVER go to Russia or that we will EVER have a little girl in this house.

So meanwhile, to keep our minds off of this issue, let’s talk about Food. Everyone likes this subject.

Actually, I am not that in to food. I eat the same thing every single day. This way I don’t have to bother myself with thinking up new things to eat.

Jennefer’s Daily Diet

Kellogg’s “Complete” Bran Cereal with Milk
Minute Maid Orange Juice
Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain/ Honey Whole Wheat piece of bread with FF cream cheese
2 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (the 25% less sugar variety)
Slim Fast Chocolate Shake
Strawberry Yoplait Nouriche (Yogurt Smoothie)

That is what I eat every day unless we are out of bananas, and than I skip that. Our dinners vary; however, because my family is intolerant of eating the same dinner every day. They can be difficult like that.

Well, this subject hasn’t really gotten my mind off of the adoption. I am just trying to get through one day at a time - trudging through the waiting weeks as every bit of paperwork eventually expires. Here is an adoption update:

You: “So, how is your adoption coming along?”

Me: “Well… we have waited one more day since yesterday”.

You: “Weren’t you waiting for some re-accreditation thing or something? How is that going?”

Me: “I am not allowed to talk about that, but STAY TUNED….”

You: “So… are you going to a commercial now?”

Me: “No.”

You: “O.K?”

Me: “Well, I’d tell you my news now, but than I would have to egg your house.”

…. such mystery and suspense… more information to come…

Happy One Month Bloggy Anniversary anyway!!

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Blogger Margaret said...
Not into food... I wish I had that problem.

By the way, your toolbar/sidebar/whatever it's called is bumped below the posts on my browser now. I think it's because the Google search thing is too wide. But I have an older computer, so even though I have a high resolution, it could be specific to me. (In which case, don't worry about it.)

Blogger Elle said...
Jen, I think we share a brain. Which is scary because I already share a brain with Rhonda and my friend Kathleen. I think it is more of a collective brain.

I too eat the same thing every day. I am also glad to see another person who does not eat meat in the mid day. I would seriously be a vegetarian if I lived alone. I just can't stand the thought of cooking 2 meals every night though.

Sorry about the side bar thing. Not sure I can fix that one for you. D installed a new version of IE on my computer and of course it doesn't work. Looks fine for me. You all should really download Mozilla!

Thanks so much for welcoming us to the blogging community!. We love your website!!. This is awesome!

I really hope your agency gets reaccredited real soon. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. Now that we know your blog, we will be keeping up with your progress and wishing you guys the absolute best!

P.S. I really need to get on your food regime. I like it.

Blogger Tricia said...
I eat a Lean Cuisine frozen meal every day for lunch. That's pretty boring in my opinion. But only 300 calories, good for my figure... ;)

Blogger Rhonda said...
Happy Anniversary Jen! Have an extra banana today! Go all out, COME ON. Or you could get wild and crazy and have an extra granola bar ;)

No problem on the expensive gift. I'll get over it. And Lisa is right, she and I do share a brain. Its scary sometimes. But I am opposed to you two on this one...I don't usually eat the same thing every day.

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