Monday, March 06, 2006
Calgon Take Me Away: Help For Pre-adoptive Moms
Waiting for my adoption Referral is ENDLESS!

I need.... a bath.

I rarely take baths. We don’t have a bath in our bathroom, only a shower. The kids have a bath, but usually their bathroom is not very pleasant for me to enter. This means that if I want to take a bath I have to scrub down their bathroom first. But it is so worth it.

First I set out my clothes for the day, got my shampoo, some new soap, my razor and face wash. I got out a candle (a good smelling kind) and put it lit in the corner. I put in some bubble bath with some very warm/ borderline hot water. I closed the shower curtain and it was my own private oasis -all steamy, hot and so relaxing. My sister had given me a gift earlier of this stuff called Artistry Gel-Friction Au Sucre De La Collection Spa which I had never used yet (she just sent me this gift for no reason, how cool is that?). Anyway it is like a body scrub and smells tropical- it was so luxurious. I was just in heaven. I didn’t have music- a relaxing CD would have been nice. Sometimes though, silence is better. Either way, there is nothing like a warm bath to make you feel like a new person! Feeling stressed about adoption paperwork? Or endless waiting? I recommend it to everyone!

A bath doesn't fix everything though. Later on at church on Sunday- I was staring and smiling at this little 9 month old girl sitting on her Daddy's lap. I was looking at her way longer than a normal, regular nice person pays attention to a baby. She was dressed SO CUTE. I was very jealous. I was running through these different thoughts about how I could ask him if I could hold her.

However, the father must have thought I was some stalker, kidnapper because he eventually rushed his daughter out of the room giving me this (she's mine)look. I just smiled back weakly, apologetically. Actually he was probably not thinking anything of me. Probably it was just that I felt like a stalker/kidnapper. See what the waiting does to a person??


Hey Jen. Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog. I appreciate it. I feel sorry for myself and my "unmarried" status every now and then. Doesn't sound like you are having much fun with the biology stuff. I know what you mean about the baths. I have the same problem. Have my son's bathtub, but rarely use it cause I hate to clean it out (UGH) to take a bath and I am such a neat freak, I can't stnad to take a bath when the tub isn't sparkling. But baths are so relaxing....
Well, hope you have a great Monday.

Oh Jen!. That was NOT my favorite subject. I do feel for you and you deserve the most luxurious bath of all!. We are in the same boat...we would have to use our kids bath. One day, I will get enough nerve to get in there and take a bath. Oh, how I miss those baths. They do seem to take you to another world for a brief moment. Oh, and on the church thing you mentioned. It happened to me yesterday in a way. There were two twin girls sitting in front of us yesterday and it was obvious that they were adopted. One kept turning around and staring at me and wanting to play games. I pulled out one of our girls little dolls that I had stuffed in my purse (from McDonalds) and she played with it. I just stared at her for the longest time. I guess I was thinking of what her life must have been like and what her parents went through to get her. She was just so pretty and there was just something so happy about her. I couldn't stop staring, I think the parents were scared of me. So, I understand. Even though our situations are different, I knew what you meant. Hope you day is going well and your headache is gone!!

Oh yea, P.S. I hope you hear something from the agency today. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! WOO HOO!! This is awesome!

Blogger Elle said...
Ahh, I recall Biology. I do believe I skipped most of that class. Amazing that I passed actually.

I think you have inspired me to take an actual bath this morning. I am personally a Mr. Bubble kind of girl. I even have a bottle of the pink goo under my bathroom sink.

As far as stalking babies goes... I think I have you beat. I have been dubbed the "official baby sniffer." I love working fridays at the church because the pastor brings in his youngest (11 mo) and I carry the baby around the office. I went through withdrawls after surgery because the doc told me I couldn't lift anything over 20 pounds for 6 weeks. My friend Nathe's baby girl clocked in at 22 lbs. 6 weeks with no Norry was tough. I am totally hopeless when it comes to babies. I grab random babies at church just to sniff them. Most of the time they actually smell good!

Blogger Starfish said...
Yes, baths DO really help...I try to take them often (not having kids certainly allows me the luxury - for now anyway)

That is exciting news about accredidation, I don't know how you stand the wait!!

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