Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Things to Do While Waiting
We are having a snow day here in Maryland. Everything shuts down in the east with even the thought of snow. Not being originally from here I find it odd, but kind of nice.

On to my main subject for today. Here are some ideas of things to do while waiting for re-accreditation and/or a referral.

1- Plan a short trip (besides the Russia trip, not too elaborate, but somewhere fun).
2- Enjoy more dark chocolate (My favorite is Godiva Chocolate: Dark Chocolate Truffle Hot Cocoa, $10 from Amazon).
3- Purchase an electric toothbrush (My favorite is Philips Sonicare).
4- Get outside (take a walk, make a snow fort, ride a bike, take pictures, hike).
5- Start your child's Life Book (Click here).
6- Create a list of the adoption books you want to read. Check out what is available from your local library, put the rest on your Amazon wish list and purchase them as you can.
7- Take more hot baths- with bubbles, candles and music.
8- Purchase your favorite magazine.
9- Play video games.
10- Eat more whole grains.
11- Study about Russian culture, history and learn some phrases or (Click here).
12- Study from a spiritual book daily.
13- Watch more comedy.
14- Don't let email and the internet distract you from your life.
15- Start an exercise program mixing aerobics with strength training.
16- Pray and meditate. Yoga is optional.
17- Take an online international adoption course (Click here).
18- Sing in the car.
19- Purchase some Russian Toys (Click Here).
20- Add your phone numbers to the national do not call registry to end telemarketer calls (Click here).
21- Contribute to charities after you have researched them here (Click here)
22- Look through my favorite links and find some of your favorites.
23- Learn how to pay all of your bills online.
24- Cancel your credit cards that are not good deals. Research cards here
25- Get Skype and make calls for free. (Click here)
26- Give your spouse or significant other a massage. Go all out with music, oils, etc.
27- Keep all of your important documents in a large firebox.
28- Purchase a DVR if you are one of the last people in the nation who don't have one.
29- Forget housecleaning. Purchase a Roomba and a Scooba.
30- Commit to being more truthful.
31- Research your family tree and learn about your ancestors.
32- Spend some time at the library or bookstore and find something that speaks to your heart.
33- Set some goals and think about what you want your life to be about.
34- Don't eat anything that has transfats (like margarine).
35- Plant some flowers in the spring. Bring some indoors.
36- Make sure you have a living will and trust.
37- Collect more of your favorite music.
38- Join a support group (such as your local FRUA chapter).
39- Get your visa paperwork filled out as much as possible.
40- Start to pack your luggage for Russia.
41- Subscribe to Google Alerts (Russian Adoption), Yahoo international adoption groups (Russia, orphanage region, your state), A-PARENT-RUSS Digest
( http://www.eeadopt.org/index.php?option=com_facileforms&Itemid=48 )
42- Start an adoption blog at www.blogger.com. Read others.
43- List your priorities and stick to them.
44- Start to write a book.
45- Participate in your favorite sport.
46- Make something for somebody- be creative.
47- Decorate your new child's room.
48- Plan out the steps you will take once you receive your referral.
49- Do the laundry.
50- Spend time with family and friends who love and support you.

Just some ideas!

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Blogger Amanda Rika said...
Hey! my name is amanda rika, i just started this today..and i have NO idea waht i'm doing.. and yea so if some how you could tell me... that would soooo awsome.. lol cuz i'm sooo confused.. thanx!
~*amanda rika*~

Blogger jeneflower said...

I don't know if you will get this, but to post to your blog- go to it http://southchr13.blogspot.com/ then just click on the blogger word in the left top corner and then click on the little green cross that says New Post. It is here that you can post.

Blogger Rhonda said...
Ha! Starting a blog is my fave on the list. Its so much fun!

Anonymous Violet said...
I'm a translator. What I can say in this connection is that the translation into Russian posted here is loose. Did you use some computer program to do this translation?
Anyway, here's my email address, in case if you need some consulting or just a few words of advice, feel free to contact me.
And by the way, I worked with an adoption agency too :)
Good luck to you, and have a nice day!

Regards, Violet

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