Saturday, February 18, 2006
Amazing Life
I could have woken up today upset and pessimistic about our stalled adoption process, but an incredible thing happened this morning. My eyes were opened and I saw that I woke up in a soft bed with warm blankets, in a climate-controlled environment and a roof over my head.

I said, “Have a good day” to my handsome husband as he dashed out the door and headed to his work that allows him to bring home money to amply support our family.

I headed into an indoor bathroom with a private toilet seat and indoor plumbing and a sink with running water and soap. There was even lotion to use afterwards. I walked down a soft, carpeted hallway to my see my healthy children sleeping and to wake them for the day.

I was able to give them nice, clean clothes to wear that were not cleaned by me, but by an automatic washing and drying machine. I was then able to go into a room where clean dishes awaited me, in a machine that washed the dishes while I slept. Next, I simply opened the cupboard to find cereal that had already been made and packaged and delivered to my area, which I had easily picked up earlier from the store.

I just needed to pour it in the bowls. Remarkably I was able to give myself and my children hot or cold food in an instant thanks to the miracle of the microwave and the refrigerator, which has kept our food fresh for weeks.

I was even able to give them fresh-squeezed orange juice from Florida and Brazil that I didn’t pick or squeeze and milk from cows that I didn’t milk. And then, incredibly I was able to send my kids out the door, where safe, free and climate-controlled transportation whisked them off to a day of free education.

Then I put a couple of letters in our mailbox, conveniently located right in front of our house that will go across the nation for pennies. Delivered right to their door.

Later on I was able to sit down in front of this computer and write this blog and send it out to cyberspace with hopes that someone might see it and realize what an amazing life they have.

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Blogger Rhonda said...
Great reminder. Sometimes we forget all of our modern conveniences. We are so lucky.

Very good and moving post. I too have so much to be thankful for. I need to remember this and thank God for my blessings everyday. We are so lucky to have so much and it so easy to be thankful for the little things. Thanks for the reminder.

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