Tuesday, May 03, 2011
What To Buy For Your Adopted Russian Child: Keep Their Culture Alive

The best time to obtain keepsake items for your Russian child such as this Haba Russian House is when you are in Russia.

Souvenirs (such as nesting dolls), items from the orphanage, a Russian newspaper are all good ideas.

But Russia is not the only place to purchase items for your child that help them hold on to their culture and country.

One of the first things we purchased for our daughter before even bringing her home was a Anna Speaks Russian Doll. She speaks a few Russian phrases when you press her palm and knee. At six-years old our daughter really cherishes the doll.

You can purchase many Russian toys online. Check out these stores:

The Russian Store


Adopted From Russia store

Matrioshka Wooden Toy shop

Kids Culture Center

International Toys

From Russia

Some people find shopping from Amazon the most convenient. Click on a photo for more about that product.

Traditional Nesting Dolls

Russian Barbies

Russian Alphabet blocks

Russian Dora

Russian Tank
Talking Russian Doll "Inna"

Russian Plane

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Anonymous Seana said...
I recommend to get something from amber! For example: amber pendant . The child will be near his culture all the time and amber has good features like keeping person calm and relaxed.
There are great links of what you've shared! Thank you!

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