Thursday, May 05, 2011
Mommy And Me : Find Similarities With Your Adopted Child
Mothers Day is coming and so I decided to participate in the MOMMY AND ME HAIR pic project in honor of the day (Thanks Debbie for the info). It is a project where you submit a photo of you and your child with matching hairstyles.

I am normally blond, but I died my hair with a non-permanent dye and so for a little while Pineapple Princess and I could have matching hair. It is not the most flattering on me, but it is fun nonetheless.

I knew that having matching hair and getting our photo together would make Piney happy. She likes to know how she is similar to any member of our family. This is one way that she feels like she belongs. Periodically I will point out things that are the same between her and me or her and other family members.

Nobody likes to feel like the odd one out and so it is especially reassuring to adopted children to feel included and part of the family. So join in the project if you like (hurry! Deadline is today) or check out the final project on Mothers day and make your child feel special.

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Blogger Queen of the House said...
Adorable picture!

Blogger DrFlynnDMD said...
I like your hair dark. I always wish I had dark brown hair. Cute picture.

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
sorry havent checked blogs in awhile. hugs for this mother's day

wish i would have seen this post earlier. my daughter always wants brown hair like mine. i dont know if i would have dyed my hair blonde though. dont think it would have looked good on me

thanks so much for participating, your photo turned out great! given the success of the project this year i will definitely be making it an annual thing! :-) post with all the photos can be found here (in case anyone missed it):

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