Friday, April 08, 2011
The Russian Adoption Timeline
If you are thinking about adopting from Russia and are wondering what the process might look like- here is a brief overview and rough time estimate.

First year

Start discussing adoption. Things to consider: gender, age, nationality, etc. 

Start researching adoption agencies. Make sure your agency is accredited and won't be losing accreditation soon. Email and call the agency with questions ( also see here). Become a member of FRUA. Buy books about adopting from Russia (I recommend: The Russian Adoption Handbook: How to Adopt from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova ). Realize that you can not move to a new home during the adoption process which may take up to two years.

Choose an adoption agency. Get your home ready for the homestudy. Make sure you will have met all of the requirements. Take photos of each room of your house and yard.

Gather the required paperwork for the dossier (takes up to a year to compile) to be turned into your agency. The agency will submit this to the country for approval and then you will wait for a referral (could take up to 8 months).

Second year

After receiving your referral you will wait  0-3 months to travel to meet your referral child in Russia. If you accept the child you will return 0-6 months later to travel back to Russia for the required court date.

It is a lot of hurry up and wait. Good luck!

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