Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Catching You All Up
So here is what is going on in my life.

I work at the hospital in the IT help desk department as a volunteer.

I am also going to school- finishing up my IT degree.

In my spare time.... I floss.

Just kidding. Who has time for that?

No... in my spare time I clean my house, read, exercise, make plans, give my money away, relax in my massage chair, learn about gardening, think about practicing the piano, walk to the grocery store, go to the library, feed my family, read books to Pineapple and monitor homework...

I love having older kids.

For fun I watch DVDs, go out with my friends, and listen to my Ipod.

So M just started a movie and that sounds more fun than continuing to write in here....
so I'll catch you later...

Blogger Rob said...
Great to see you getting back into blogging!

As a former, long-term IT help desk worker, you have my sympathies! ;-)

Jen, so glad you're back!!!! You're such a great writer and have so many adventures. Be sure to post a lot of pictures of your kids! Good to hear from you again--

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