Thursday, November 06, 2008
An unusually long post plus one photo to make up for making my friends wait for so long
Halloween... the Election... our slow descent into cold weather.... spending too much time on facebook... and photography..... it has all gone by in a blur- partly because I lost my dayplanner and have felt like I have been free floating through time.

So. To back track. Here is a photo of Piney and Kirby on Halloween:

We had a fun time. After making all of the nice people who gave out chocolate Halloween treats feel bad with my fair-trade propaganda we all proceeded to greedily eat most of their child-slave produced chocolate bars at home. Then I got rid of all of the rest of the candy because one day of unrestricted candy consumption is more than enough. (Click on flyer to read)

Then I found out about a giant recall of all the chocolate coins. We were told that the coins were made in China and sold to the stores here and filled in with the same stuff they make counter tops out of.

Moving on.

The election was weird. M was moping around that McCain was losing and I was pretending to be sad for him.

I am on a new diet. I am always on a diet because I like to plan my food and that is a diet, not a weight-loss diet necessarily. So every morning I eat a large muffin and some water. These are new and different from my old kind that I shared about before. I created a wholesome vegan muffin and I will give you the recipe sometime. Next I eat an organic Cliff Bar for lunch. Then for snack I have fruit. Then for dinner I have either pasta, rice, soup, sandwich or whole grain pancakes waffles with salad/vegetables. There it is.

I am working on a new schedule. I am trying it. It is hard because I get sucked in by the computer. The problem is that blogs are on the computer, facebook is on the computer, my homework is on the computer, my email is on the computer, things I want to read about are on the computer, the news is on the computer, my photography is on the computer, my shopping is on the computer, my banking is on the computer, etc.

My Perfect Schedule that I put up on a pedestal:

Spend 1 hr reading, meditating on scripture and prayer
Make homemade lunches
Walk kids to school
Exercise, shower
Clean house, laundry, declutter, simplify
Email/ News
Plan day/ Social activities/ Crafts
Journal/Blog/ Photos
Homework/ Study
Shopping needs
Make healthy, delicious dinner
Sit in an available area and read/let kids interrupt me as needed
Read out-loud to kids
Help with homework
Family scriptures and prayer
Bed by 10PM

Just so you know- this complete schedule hasn't happened even once.
There aren't enough hours in the day.

It really should say


Clean house
Go to bed


Have a party with friends
Go to bed

Ya. As if the world wouldn't fall apart if I did that.

I am working on making my life more interesting by doing the following:

Perform strip-teases in private by myself when I'm changing
Whisper white lies when no one is listening
Fantasize about my husband
Pick out which one of my toes is the prettiest
Go on periodic one-minute hunger strikes
Give away something I like

Also I wrote the beginning of my debut novel (don't steal please):

"The trees were black against the white snow. I sat alone on the park bench. It had all happened so fast. Everything was different now. I could hear myself breathe. A crow cawed and it was silent. Then... "Hey" I looked up and it was him."

I know the suspense is killing you. You'll have to wait for the rest of the book to come out in 2025.

I am working to eliminate my addictions to sugar, milk, cheese, meat, eggs and chocolate.
I am planning on eating asparagus all day long one day to see what my pee will look like.

I wrote the following poem:

"Do not disturb my reverie...
Tis calm and lovely melancholy.
Your silly small talk jolts my senses....
Makes me put up higher fences.
I'm pondering thoughts deep and long...
Leave me caressed by somber songs."

I know it's so deep and awesome. You can steal that if you want.

I have been very slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will never:

Become World Chess Champion
Walk to the North Pole
Work in a coal mine
Inject heroine
Start a cult
Master the yo-yo
Own an owl
Invade a small country
Marry someone I've never met
Meet Santa
Run with wolves
Kiss my own lips
Ride off into the sunset
Suck on 12 lollipops at once
Catch that bird who pooped on me
Become a superhero
Memorize an encyclopedia
Floss twice a day
Ride a yak
Travel back in time
Appease a dictator
Surpass Einstein
Suck my little toe in public
Spot the invisible man
Undergo emergency liposuction
Die of cleaning the house too much

Lots of deep breaths and I think I am able to let go of those things.

How about you?
Blogger Mrs. Pagett said...
Your photos are great. Professional quality, good backgounds, interesting poses! The family ones are really, really good! The models look very comfortable and natural. The other girls (not Piney) don't appear all that comfortable posing, it looks a little forced in some of them. Otherwise, love the red hairband, and details. I think they just need to relax or be caught off guard. I hope this helps!

Blogger Kristen said...
I think your photos are great!! Constructive criticism... hmmm The BW of the young dark hair girl seem washed out. There's no sparkle in her eye. I don't really like the first 2 of Piney. It's the color combinations I think? The Tree in the background takes away from Piney, which is where the focus should be. She get's lost in the bright bold colorful tree. I love the rest though!!

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
the pictures look good. some of the coloring is a little off, but that could be due to lighting. But overall good shots. try to do some whimsical shots like going barefoot in a fountain and splashing water or something. The kids look cute in their Halloween best

Anonymous Heidi said...
Feedback: Yes, some of those girls look a bit too posed. Otherwise I think they are really good. I like how you play with the color and focus.
New Schedule: Take that piece of paper and throw it away. That is like 2 weeks of stuff!!!
Your writing: Like that too!!!
As for the Letting Go Stuff: You already are a Super Hero!!!

Blogger Type (little) a said...
I was almost crying with laughter at your lists. First, the agenda, while the details are different, I do the same thing to myself. Every night before I fall asleep, I promise myself I'll be supermom tomorrow.

And the things you'll never do. So funny. Internet hugs to you, I know it must be tough to accept that you'll never shoot heroin. LOL

Will you be my facebook friend? My email is michele cake at g m ail dot com

Blogger Jenni said...
I love the photos!

Your list of things you will never do cracked me up!

Blogger DanaLee said...
Its late and that post was killing me- and then much to my dismay I realized it was written LAST year!!! But I needed that hearty laugh!

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