Monday, November 10, 2008
Journaling The Future and Eliminating "What?" and "Why?" from my Life
Since nothing exciting happened today I am planning my day for tomorrow on my blog.

I mean Sunday was going to be significant. It was supposed to be my "Compliment others day."

But I can only compliment people when something stands out to me, so the only compliment I gave out was something forced about my husband's sweater and he just looked up at me with a "what's wrong with you today" look.

So instead of a journal of what I've done it is a journal of what I will do.

As if I ever really complete my "to do" lists. ha ha

So, tomorrow morning I will wake up at 6AM to read scripture and try not to fall asleep. (did it)

Then I will make breakfast and my kids school lunches. (did it)

Then I will get ready and brush my teeth and think about how I need to floss, but won't. (forgot to think about flossing)

Then I will go to my son's school to see him get the presidential award for getting straight A's. I won't forget my camera again! (did it- Yea Kirby!)

Then I will look over my craft books and figure out what materials I need to buy.
(Hmmm. Does anyone know a good website to order craft stuff from?)
I am thinking of making altoid box picture/ memorabilia shrines of my friends. They are supposed to be for dead people according to the book, but why not living people? And who wouldn't want a closet full of altoid box picture shrines of closest loved ones?

After that I will go over the same lessons I give Piney every day"

"You don't need to wait for me to say "What?" every time you want to say something to me. You can just go ahead and say what you want to say. You also don't need to ask why about everything."


Piney: "Mom!"

Me: "What?"

Piney: "Why are we driving in our car?"

Me: "Because we are going to the store like I just told you."

Piney: "Mom!"

Piney: "Mama!"

Piney: "Mom!"

Me: "What?"

Piney: "We are going to the store? Right now?"

Me: "Yes. Right now like I just said."

Piney: "Mama!"

Piney: "Mom!"

Piney: "Mama!"

Me: "What?"

Piney "Why we have to go to the store today? Mama Why?"

Me: "We have to get you a new dress."

Piney: "Mama!"

Piney: "Mom!"

Me: "What?"

Piney: "Why I need a new dress? Why?"

Me: "Because your old dress is too small now."

Piney: "Mom!"

Piney: " Mama!"

Me: "What?"

Piney: "Why my old dress too small. Why?"

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Better example:

Me: "We are going to the store now."

Piney: "I love the store mama! Why do we need to go there? "

Me: "To get you a new dress."

Piney: "I love new dresses mama!"

And they lived happily ever after The End.

After that futile lesson I will walk her to the park and to school. (Did it)

Then I might do some homework and pick up kids from school. (Decided to skip out on homework and go to lunch and shopping with M)

Then I will read my book: The Time Traveler's Wife By Audrey Niffeneggerbook. (Did it)

Then I might think about random things while I clean the house...

Like what I would want my last meal to be before I die or wonder if Adam and Eve had belly buttons or if I would like to move to Nauru or Taos, New Mexico . (Getting on that right now)

After that I will walk barefoot in the grass.

If I remember. Maybe take some pictures before the sun goes down.

I will probably make spaghetti for dinner and then spend time with my family in the evening playing games, singing songs and discussing important topics.

Now I better get to bed because it is 12:30AM and my husband is getting impatient with me!

Good night!
Blogger Dee said...
I miss your wonderful, insightful, and delightful blog posts!

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