Monday, October 13, 2008
Sleeping Buddy: Come on Just TRY it
So I was trying to sleep in because its a holiday and everything

but then I hear Piney wake up and I know its all over

I wait for her to jump on me and demand me to wake up right now

But she surprised me.

Instead she quietly came over to my bed and put her softest, biggest teddy bear next to me.

"Here you go," she said.

"You have to hold him REALLY tight," she instructed.

Then she stroked my hair and said, "Its O.K. mama"

Then she patted my side for a while and reassured me again that all was O.K.

So now you may be thinking that she was comforting me for some reason, but there was nothing that happened to bring that on.

So then you may think that she was doing this because she had done something wrong and was trying to placate me, but you would be wrong again.

This was a totally spontaneous nice thing to do for no reason.

And the thing I realized was that I really liked sleeping with her teddy bear.

Seriously, why had I not realized the joy of sleeping with stuffed animals?

I can feel that you don't believe me.

But TRY it.

Really. Go into your kids room and get their biggest, fluffiest stuffed animal and take it to bed.

You may be pleasantly surprised and grow quite attached to that thing.

You may even want to take it with you on business trips.

Don't worry.

I won't tell anyone!!!

Blogger Burgh Baby said...
Oh, I believe you. I slept with a stuffed bunny all the way up until college because that thing was the comfiest pillow of all time.

Blogger Heidi said...
So sweet. She was takig care of you like you take care of her, I'm sure. This means you are doing a fabulous job and she appreciates you for it - that it feels good and she wants to do the same for you. It is sweet all around.
Nice job mom.

Blogger Annie said...
Well....what I love MOST is sleeping with my children themselves. Both Nastya and Zhen will sometimes come and cuddle up with me. Nothing so cozy.

AND, what beats a stuffed animal is a hot water bottle. I am absolutely hooked. I started sleeping with one when I first decided that my electric blanket had death rays and I love, love, love them. I need to buy a few more as the kids all want to "borrow" my "bottle" at bedtime, and sometimes I don't like waiting until they are asleep to sneak it away from them.

Blogger Heidi said...
Annie has a great tip. I use the hot water bottle when my toes are frozen in the winter. It is just a beautiful thing! Try it!
Oooh... hug the kid/stuffed animal AND have the hot H2O bottle at your feet... a slice of heaven! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love sleeping with a big stuff animal I got from Costco. I've always loved them. I love sleeping with animals too. We just got a havanese puppy and it's a great cuddle bug. I love cuddling with the kids too.

Blogger jeneflower said...
I am totally getting a hot water bottle now

Blogger Debbie B said...
On my bad nights while waiting during the adoption I would grab the first teddy bear I ever bought for our child and sleep with it. It always helped.
So sweet of her.

Blogger Kristen said...
Maybe I just need to get my Princess a new stuffed animal so that she'll GO TO SLEEP!? It's worth a try I suppose.

That's really sweet she's thinking of you, thanks for sharing :-)

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