Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Print Out And Tape To Door As Needed

The aim is to achieve comprehensive social, emotional, physical and mental breakdown of the family unit for a day while you heal, refresh, renew, rest, relax and recharge yourself.

Blogger Kristen said...
I love it!!!!

Too bad my 3 year old can't read.

Blogger Jenni said...
I've got a "Mommy Time-Out" sign, but I think I like yours better!

Blogger clynAZ said...
Every mom should have a sign like that. I hope you're enjoying your "out of order" day otherwise known as your birthday. cheers!

Blogger Debbie B said...
I so needed that today. Too bad no one in my house could read it at the time, only me and the baby.

Blogger kim said...
Good Idea!!! Do you guys do any kind of Halloween thing this year?

Blogger Parenthood For Me said...
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