Thursday, October 09, 2008
Fun Things To Do Before I Get Boring.... Oh whoops too late

I think I'm going to be fired from volunteer work.

Some of you know that I volunteer to do scouts with my son Kirby (age 9)

I'm supposed to be a leader, but the leader part kind of slipped past me.

It was supposed to be my first day with the scouts for this school year.

I was supposed to meet them after school and walk them to my house for our first meeting.

But, I yeah... fell asleep right before I was supposed to meet them.

And the boys gave up on me and walked to my house without me and came in and woke me up!

(After they had played video games for an hour).

I was so horrified.

It was a good thing that I had a girls night out planned that evening.

I went out to see Mama Mia with some of my girl friends.

It was great (despite Pierce Brosnan singing) .

And we were singing and dancing...

No really! We got up in front of the movie screen and danced and didn't care at all what anyone thought of us (there was a lot of us, so you know, it wasn't like I was up there alone)

and I came home after the show and M was on the computer as usual immersed in something boring and I said

"M- You never want to do anything fun. It's so boring all the time! It's just task after task after boring routine task."

M: "So what... You're saying that YOU'RE super fun?"

Jen: "No. I'm boring too." Sigh."Why are we so borring? We need to do fun things. We just have to think differently. We can still be responsible and fun. Somehow. I think. Maybe."

M: "Ummm. You are the one who tried to veto my motorcycle. You are also the person who refuses to ride roller coasters or bungee jump or cliff dive."

Jen: "Ya. So. That stuff isn't creative. Everyone does that stuff. Well, not everyone, but a lot of people. So those things are boring too. I want to do something different."

M: "I'm not sure what you are referring to, but it is true that with kids and a loaded schedule it's hard to be spontaneous and fun."

Jen: (thinking there must be a way)

So I turned to Amazon and found the following

This Book Will Change Your Life and This Book Will Change Your Life Again .

Meanwhile, I will play the new Cold Play really loud over and over and sing when my kid's friends are over. That should prove exciting.

Any other suggestions?

Blogger Mrs. Pagett said...
Were you jamming out with your air guitar and pushing people into the audience too! Don't worry...your not boring! I visit your blog daily to see what's new, so if your boring, then so am I. This means YOU CAN'T BE BORING! I refuse to believe it ;-D

Blogger Rachael said...
Snap out of it, Jenn! You are too young to be having a mid-life crisis! You are NOT boring. 'K?

(Living in Korea, travelling around world to Russia to bring home Piney...those are things that not everyone gets to do!)

Blogger Kristen said...
Um yeah, can I just agree with Racheal!? She hit the nail on the head.

Blogger clowngirl said...
We banned the word 'bored' in our family.

There's always something to do if you really want to do something.

So maybe it's less about your lack of stuff to do and more about something you're feeling that you're not articulating or recognizing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Do you remember Christy Everett from Club Mom? Here's what she has to say about boring:

We're in the back yard.

Elias follows me around as I collect flower pots, pull the dead plants, and dump the soil into one of our open garden beds.

"I'm stepping on this pot," Elias says.

"I see that."

"I'm stepping on it because it's boring."

Boring? This is a first-- and a word he must have learned from daycare or preschool because I can guarantee that Nick and I haven't had time to be bored by anything or to find anything boring.

I put the flower pot in my hands down and look at Elias. "Elias do you know what boring means?"

Long pause as he thinks and continues to look down at the ceramic pot that his foot rests on like a step.

"Boring means I stepped in dog poop."

So next time you're tempted to use the word just think about what it means in the Language World According to Elias.

Blogger Dreamer girl said...
I think at this time everyone is boring especially parents.

You are lots of fun, guaranteed.

P.S. we all make mistakes so dont' feel bad about sleeping.

Hope everything is going well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I agree with everyone else post! Youa re far from boring! For crying out loud you got up and danced in a movie theather.. that doesn't sound boring!! :)

Blogger Darsha said...
Jen, Lets go to Momma Mia again. Girl, you have got some moves. What a fun night. It wouldn't have been the same alone. I think we need to get together and party more.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Please! All the places that you get to go to, all the countries, vacations, theme parks, water parks, if you think your life is boring then you need to step back and think about the lives of those who struggle from paycheck to paycheck and have to be creative doing things that are free or just playing in thier yard with their kids!

Blogger jeneflower said...
Thanks guys. I am SO happy you think I'm not boring. BUT I want to point out that doing exciting activities does not make for an exciting life- only being an exciting person. If you are an exciting person it can be a blast to just sit in the dirt. If you are a boring person than you can travel the world and be bored. It is who you are, not what you do. That is what I am learning.

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