Friday, October 03, 2008
Free Chocolate
I knew the title would get your attention.

Really there is nothing more effective in cheering me up, except maybe a lollipop.

And I have been having a lot of those lately.

But I am serious- there is free chocolate to be had.

At the same time you are getting free stuff - you are also supporting a good cause.

Most people don't realize that most chocolate is produced by underage workers who are mistreated, underpaid, overworked and work in dangerous/hazardous conditions (please click on the link and read the BBC article).

But not this chocolate. This chocolate is FAIR TRADE.

Now to the FREE part.

You all know that Halloween is coming up.

Well, fair-trade global exchange is sponsoring a Reverse-Trick or Treat. "Trick-or-Treaters across the US will unite to help end poverty among cocoa farmers and promote Fair Trade as an alternative by giving Fair Trade chocolate back to adults while Trick-or-Treating door-to-door in their communities. Each chocolate is attached to a card with information about problems in the cocoa industry and how Fair Trade provides a solution."

Each kit consists of 20-25 pieces of FREE Fair Trade chocolate and information cards.

Click HERE to learn more! Remember October 13 is the last day to get your free chocolate!

And I won't tell if you cheat and eat one for yourself! I mean reward yourself for taking part in this great cause and spreading the word.
Blogger clowngirl said...
Great post. I'm a huge supporter of fair trade initiatives and brava to you for spreading the word right before Hallowe'en!

Have a beautiful day.

Blogger clynAZ said...
It's the day after you posted this and they are ALL OUT OF THE FREE CHOCOLATE. UG!!! But it's a great cause any way and good to get the information out.

Did you get the Free Chocolate?

Blogger jeneflower said...
Sorry the chocolate is gone. I feel bad cause we did get ours. I also just bought some fair trade chocolate for Halloween. You can find it at several online stores-specifically for Halloween.

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