Thursday, September 18, 2008
What I Am Up To
I'm reading New Moon by Stephanie Meyers.

I'm almost through it- which is not a good thing. I want it to l-a-s-t. I tried to reserve the next book in the Twilight series (Eclipse) at the library, but they are getting a new system and said I couldn't reserve until Oct. 11.

I felt like choking.

How can I wait a month or more to find out what happens next?

I'm excited to see the movie in November. I think it is going to be a girls night out.

Man. I have to wait for everything.

Last night I served waffles and fruit for dinner.

I made homemade syrup.

I asked how everyone liked it.

This was the sarcastic response from M-

"Was it made with ORGANIC sugar?"

Me: "No it was made with EVIL corn syrup."

(I am anti-corn syrup since watching the documentary "King Corn")

Everyone liked it.

My family is tired of the documentaries I rent from NetFlix- and how they sometimes change the way I think about things.

Last night I watched another one: "McLibel" which is about a famous law suit in England in the 1990's. McDonalds sued a small group for passing out pamphlets that said McDonald's food was unhealthy and other facts about the company. You can watch it here. After watching McDonalds shear live chicken heads off with an electric saw and gassing unwanted baby chicks I think I will steer clear of the chicken sandwich. I was already avoiding the hamburgers.

The group that got sued said that the unfortunate thing is that it is not just McDonald's- it's the whole fast food industry- its the humongous corporation.

All in all- interesting documentaries that make you think.

I got started on my photography business. You can see pics here.

I know the photos are a little rough as I am just starting with groups, but hopefully I will improve over time.

Well....sigh....I have a whole bunch of undone tasks in front of me (clean house, do laundry, take shower, take Piney to the park, bake bread, make soup, etc.).

Which I am going to get right on.

Just right after I find out if Bella saves Edward from stepping out into the light and getting killed.

Run Bella, Run!

I need someone to slap me really hard.
Blogger Marcie said...
Glad to hear you liked the King Korn documentary. IT was pretty eye opening and i'm finding I'm avoiding the "evil" corn syrup too but its nearly IMPOSSIBLE! I mean even bread has it in it now! Unless you make your own which you do to which I say Mad Props to you!
ANYWAY--Forks is in the same State as me BTW. If it wasn't for that book Forks would be nothing but a blip on the map. Because thats what it is--a blip...and boring as HECK. Pretty yes! Exciting, no.

Blogger Lauren said...
I read all 4 books within 1 week. I was crazy obsessed. I loved every minute of them. I am ready to start over.

Blogger Jenni said...
I've read Twilight and have New Moon coming up next in my "To Be Read" pile. I can't wait for the movie either.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Let me say that your blog is ok but the HI THERE lady video thing on your side bar needs to go. SHE is sooooo crazy. I watched all her videos and she just does not seem all there !!!! I just get a weird vibe about her !!!!!


Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
I am always looking for new books to read. Thanks for the recommendation.

Blogger Kids Special Needs said...
I stumbled across an adoption/working mommy/religious debate in bloggerland that you may find interesting. I posted about it today. I believe you came across something similar on your own blog a while ago, and you felt alot like me: can't women support women?

hugs, Esther

Blogger Dreamer girl said...
Fantastic pics. I think you found another calling! I haven't read the Twilight series. You are making me want to.

See ya,


Blogger Debbie said...
Hi Jen - While you are waiting you could read "Midnight Sun" by Stephenie Meyer on her website. ( It is the same story as Twilight - just from Edwards perspective. It is really good! Warning - this will be out in a book sometime in the future and it is only the first 12 chapters of it. But it might tie you over until you can read the next one.

I read all 4 books in a 2 week period. So good!


Blogger Rachael said...
Just to let you know: You're the third person I heard rave about the Twilight series books, so I bought the first two for my vacation reading. Finished the first on the first day (long flight) and now I'm hooked too!

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