Sunday, September 14, 2008
Russia: Peace is Louder Than Bombs
I have 3 unrelated things to say today, well not totally, they all somehow relate to Piney.

1. Someone made a comment about our new lunch boxes. It is true that the lunch boxes I bought were ridiculously expensive ($23) and I am usually very frugal. However, I found that using a reusable lunchbox with reusable silverware and containers and bulk lunch items saves me $1.50 per lunch over our former throw-away lunches filled with small, individually wrapped prepackaged foods. It also saves a lot of trash from filling up the landfills. My new lunch boxes save me about $6 a day (for 4 lunches). This translates into a savings of about $350 a year. It is true that if I lived in the states, or if I spoke Korean I might have been able to find a cheaper alternative lunch box, but living in S. Korea as an English speaker it is harder to find things I want.

2. I got the cutest Halloween costume for Piney at the thrift store. Check out our Russian Princess HERE. Oh and also Woohoo! My new photography business was approved!

3. Since Piney is Russian I have strong feelings about Russia. The Russian/Georgian conflict is still worrisome to me. Although we haven't been hearing much lately about the Russian/Georgian conflict on the news, the fact that both countries used cluster bombs against one another is reprehensible. While the immediate damage of a cluster bomb is killing and devastation, the lasting effects can be felt months and even years after.

Survivor Corps is one of the lead organizations in the movement to ban cluster bombs and to assist the survivors of this terrible weapon. Here is an informational microsite which explains everything.

Check it out!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have that lunch box and it makes me happy every day, when it comes back from my daughter's school empty but for a crumb or two. It is completely worth it! How many purchases make you happy every day? I include a cloth napkin and nothing goes to the garbage. I think the lunch box makes the food more appetizing for my daughter and that the access to the food is just simple as she doesn't have to unwrap anything (she is in pre-school). A good buy!

Blogger Rachael said...
Love the pictures of Piney!

Blogger Carrie said...
We have several of those lunch boxes and LOVE them! Definitely worth the money.

Blogger Jenni said...
Piney looks beautiful in that costume! She seems to love it as well.

I also find the Russian/Georgian conflict very worrisome.

Blogger Dede said...
Great photos and I love the costume! How did I not already know that you are a photographer???

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