Friday, September 26, 2008
How To Have A Perfect Life in 9 Simple Steps
1. Have an up-to-date CD collection (or Ipod) with music you love and a really good book to read.

2. Be around nature (spend time outdoors, pets you like, plants, flowers, pretty views).

3. Have a regular exercise program and eat healthy, delicious food for every meal.

4. Have a schedule of your choosing (challenging enough so it's not boring, but not too busy/difficult that you are stressed out). Not allowing others to manipulate or control your actions or decisions (i.e. living out someone else's agenda).

5. Spending quality time with each family member (individually and together). Savoring the good times and special moments. (Focusing and thinking about the good times while proactively resolving any conflicts).

6. Getting together with good friends (and or close relatives) on a regular basis (i.e. s night out, play groups, book clubs, get-to-gethers, movie nights, game nights, etc.).

7. Have the ability to make decisions about your own life (ability to get an education, decisions concerning your children, freedom to stay home with kids or go to work, ability to make financial decisions, ability to choose to live in a safe place and with safe people, etc.)

8. Understanding that you can grow to love anyone (thanks Amber for this one)- even the people who you may not naturally like (looking for and focusing on the good-however small it may be- in every person- clipping your ego strings).

9. Feeling God's unconditional love as you go throughout the day. Feeling the joy and peace of the spirit, even in the midst of trials through faith and prayer.

That about sums it up.

What do you think? Have I missed something?

Do you agree or disagree with my list? What do you think makes up a perfect life?
Blogger kate said...
I don't see chocolate mentioned anywhere...and if you DO eat healthy foods for every meal, you'd be missing out on HAS to be SOMEwhere in a perfect life. ;>

Blogger Heather said...
Another biggie that keeps standing out to me as missing -- GET ENOUGH SLEEP!

Blogger clowngirl said...
Give without expecting anything in return.

And laugh every day.

Blogger Darsha said...
Jen, I don't think I am smart enough for your blog.I like the list though it made me think. I think perfect is complicated. I love your ideas. I also think chocolate and sleep are great too.

Blogger Laura said...
A perfect life for me wouldn't be complete with out a companion by my side that I trust implicitly.

And Romance. Gotta have Romance. The good trashy romance novel style romance. And *wink* you know what I mean...

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