Saturday, August 09, 2008
What We Do All Day

I thought you would like to know what I do all day.

I mean who wouldn't, right?

ha ha

So, I usually wake up about 7:30AM

Piney puts on her swimming suit and says, "It's swimming day today!" about a million times. Even though it is swimming day every day.

Then I eat breakfast with Piney and Kirby.

After that I let Piney watch Sesame Street. I KNOW that I told you NO TV.

Well, I caved. BUT she is only allowed to watch this one show. She watches Sesame Street and that is it for the day. One show. This allows me to check my email.

Anyway, next we move onto doing family chores. Piney loves to help out around the house. We pick up the floors, clean the counters, do the dishes, water the plants, maybe do some laundry.

Then we head out to the sand park that is behind our apartment.

Piney has three swimsuits. Two of them are cute and one of them is blue and makes her look like He-Man. You can guess the one she chose to wear on the day I brought my camera. It is not worth the argument to make her change. She loves the He-man swimsuit because it has floats built in.

And now we are off to the pool. It isn't too far to walk to.

Next Stop:

The library.

Sometimes we skip the library and go to the thrift store or a free movie.

After lunch it is time for a story and a nap.

Naps vary in length and they are very unpredictable which makes planning hard.

Sometimes I exercise. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I write in here. What I really want to do is sew, but I am afraid of getting out all of my sewing stuff and just getting started and having her wake up and then having to put it all away.

After the nap I usually take a shower and give Piney a bath. Then we make dinner and go to a different park- a bigger one that is further away and lights up at night. I forgot to bring my camera there. Maybe next time.

In the evening I read out loud to Kirby. Right now we are reading "The Mysterious Benedict Society."

Anyway. That's all. The End.

What do you do?


Blogger Stephanie said...
Very similar to many of our days...

Piney looks so happy in those photos. I especially love the look of happy contentment in the napping photo.

What a sweet girl you have!

Blogger Dreamer girl said...
I wanted to ask you I am getting a 15 year old boy exchange student from China. Any suggestions on food or good ways to relate with them etc. I figured you would know best. My boys are way too excited.

Blogger Debbie B said...
Daily life with a toddler.
I have the same exact problem with getting my sewing machine back out. I just know if I do she'll get up from her nap and I'll have to stop.
I enjoyed your picture day.

Blogger thotlady said...
What a sweet face. And I love that hair.

Sounds very busy, do you do all of that each day?

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
are you gonna homeschool your son?

Blogger Burgh Baby said...
I think a few minutes of Sesame Street is totally reasonable considering you spend all that time hanging out and doing things. Swimming and the library? Pretty much rocks.

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