Thursday, August 07, 2008
President Bush Stopped By and Other Ordinary Hassles
President Bush stopped by our base yesterday to talk to us.

I was offered a ticket to see him speak through a friend who had connections, but declined even though I knew the tickets were hard to come by.

I had mixed feelings about it.

He isn't my favorite president, but he is The President.

Not everybody gets to see The President of the United States live in their lifetime.

But the deciding factor was that I realized I preferred the company of my kids, so I stayed home with them.

Piney and I had our typical day which I will tell you about on my next post- a sort of picture story to come.

Anyway, then I ran a few errands.

Of course there were blockades and police everywhere due to the President's visit which was kind of inconvenient, but manageable.

The big hassle was yet to come.

I went to the grocery store.

That was the beginning of my troubles.

You see there are these "hardened criminals" in our midst that buy things at our U.S. commissary and then sell the items illegally out in Seoul.

Due to this problem- we are issued special cards that track our shopping purchases and brand us as being safe shoppers at the commissary.

These cards are issued on arrival with proper documentation and are supposed to be good until leaving the base.

We show the card to the cashier and are then allowed to buy our items.

But something went wrong with my card.

They made a mistake.

They made it expire in July 2008.

I didn't know of this mistake.

So after going through the store- gathering all of my items- checking them through the register- and even having them bagged etc....

They rejected me.

According to the grocery store I was one of the hardened criminals and I was not allowed to take home food for my family.

I had to leave with nothing.

I was so shocked. It was completely unbelievable to me. It was a MISTAKE!

They took all of my food away.

I angrily drove to the office that handles the cards. After waiting in line they apologized profusely for the mistake and wrote me a note that I could indeed shop for food at the commissary while they processed a new card for me that would be done the next day.

I had to go back to the grocery store with my "note" and REBUY everything. I mean I had to go through the whole store again and pick out every item again and stand in line again for the check out and put everything on the check out belt again.

I was SO MAD.


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Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
that totally sucks balls.

Blogger thotlady said...
I used to work at a grocery store. And if this would have happened at our store, we would have held the items in the cart and waited for you came back after you had straightened things out.

It's crazy, why would they want to re-shelve all those items.

We regularly had people forget their checkbooks, they would just run home and come right back. We would leave all the items bagged and sitting in the cart for them.

You've probably seen this site, but just in case you haven't:

It simply quotes George Bush out and about in the world.

Blogger Debbie B said...
I think I would have preferred be with the kids as well...

That's just terrible that they messed up on the card. I guess they don't realize how much of a hassle it really was to have to shop twice in the same day.
Glad they fixed it so easily.

Blogger Jenni said...
Oh my, I would be FUMING! Glad you got it all straightened out, but it still stinks that you had to go through that hassle.

As for the President's visit, I would have stayed home too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I would have gone to see the president. Especially if I was out of the country. I passed up an opportunity to see Regan and I've always regretted it as its not a chance that has come again.

Blogger Natalie said...
I would have loved to meet Bush. Too bad I don;t have the same connections.

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