Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Allergic To The Future
I woke up with unexplained, horrible itching/pain

on my palms of my hands and soles of my feet.

They look normal. No rash.

It feels kind of like when they have fallen asleep, but NOT.

I went to the hospital and got a blood test, but they couldn't find anything wrong.

I came home thinking it is an allergic reaction to something.

Maybe I am allergic to my kids going back to school.

WELL that is the only thing NEW in my life, so MAYBE??....

I have been drinking hot lemon water all day because...

I don't know!

Then Piney ripped 15+ keys off the keyboard of our laptop.

Maybe I am allergic to THAT.

My body knew that was going to happen in the future.

That's gotta be it.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?
Blogger Maggie said...
Wow. I don't have any idea what the itching could be. All I have to say is don't rely on anything on the forum you linked to. That's the biggest bunch of nonsense I've read in a while.

I hope you feel better soon. That's got to be terribly annoying!

Blogger Rachael said...
The only thing I know of that causes itching on the soles and palms is cholestasis of pregnancy. It's a very serious condition, but since you're not pregnant, I assume you're safe!

About the keys...ARGH. Ben did that to my computer a year ago, but to my delightful surprise, I discovered it was under warranty and Dell sent me a whole new replacement keyboard panel after I called customer service merely to inquire about ordering the missing keys. (He took them off AND lost them.) Keyboard is off limits now!

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
EXCEMA? bROught on by stress.
U need a trip back home to the states yeah that is what it is..

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know about the itching...if it IS an allergy, Bendryl will ease it. It probably won't last too long...I hope for your sake.


Blogger jeneflower said...
Update: Well- the itching spread into full out hives all over, so I took some Claritin and started to improve after a few hours. Thanks for your comments! I still don't know what caused it- maybe it is stress! Our laptop is still broken. A keyboard on a laptop is not like a keyboard on a computer- the keys don't just snap back in place. Sigh. Sadly, it isn't under warranty anymore.

Blogger Laurie said...
The only time my palms and feet itched like crazy is when I had chicken pox (yes, as an adult, and, yes, I had already had it as a kid - I am gifted and talented that way).

Blogger Dede said...
Not sure about the itching, I would have gone with the Bendryl too thinking it was an allergic reaction. As far as your keyboard, maybe you could find the same model on eBay and buy it cheap just for the parts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So good you feel better. I can sympathize with the keyboard. Once my oldest son was playing on the laptop in the car, and my youngest decided to pour his bottle of water on the keyboard while it was on. I thought for sure it died. Luckily it dried out after 24 hours and worked again for years.


Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
I was going to say shingles, but I am glad you are feeling better

Blogger Heidi said...
My daughter developed a new ithcy rash on her limbs (while on med's for poinson ivy) and the dr had her take claritin saying her body was all hiped up from all that was happening to it. Don't know, but it worked.
She also can't use those hand sanitizers because her palms turn bright red.
Feel better. Bed rest ALWAYS helps!

Blogger Marcie said...
I get hives from stress too. I remember getting them when we bought our first house and thinking I was attacked by some MEGA spiders. Thankfully they went away during the day only to flare up overnight.
Benadryl did it for me anyway. It sounds like stress to me too, but I'm in way WAY a DR...I only play one on blogs

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