Monday, August 04, 2008
Hot Hot Fun With Kids
It's hot here.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to load a backpack on my back full of heavy library books and push Piney on her little bike up a long, long hill to the library at the hottest part of the day.

All the while Piney complaining and whining that she was tired and wanted to go home.

Hmmmm. Great plan Jen.

Maybe you would like me to plan your day for you. Any interest?

I could send you on an adventure full of hot, fun, sweaty surprises.

Ha ha

Anyway, we survived home with a few new library books and all is well.

Especially because Piney is napping.

Speaking of surprises.

I am looking forward to receiving Rachel's awesome mugs in the mail.

Thanks to my readers, I was able to support her wonderful cause using money generated from this blog. I hope you all visit her site and show her some love and support for her exemplary efforts. She said there will be more mugs available throughout the month- so keep checking back. All her profits will in some way benefit children living in orphanages during the Christmas and New Year Season. Last year's sales proceeds went towards New Year gifts and cheer to 70 school-age children at a rural orphanage in Leningrad, Russia.

And speaking of more surprises, another pleasant surprise was how well our first official day as volunteers at the Samdong Boys orphanage went.

We meet with a group of 7-8 year old boys there. Wait. They said they were 7-8 which means they were 6-8 ys. old because in Korea everyone is a year older then their American age because they don't have an age 0 here.

Anyway, we taught them the names of body parts, colors, and numbers using games such as a variation of Simon says, Duck Duck Goose and Buzz.

Teaching Body Parts: After teaching the names of all of the body parts- the child has to hit the floor with it after it is called out. If you miss it and get the wrong part then you are out. This is a very exhausting game because you have to (for example touch your nose to the floor) get down and then stand up between each call. They were giggling so hard!

Teaching Colors: Each boy was assigned a color based on the color of their shirt. When that color was called out by the person who was it they all had to run around the circle (like duck duck goose) and then sit in an empty spot. The last person to sit is it.

Teaching Numbers: Usually the game Buzz is played when you each say a number until you get to the number 7 and then the person has to say Buzz. 7= Buzz, 17 =Buzzteen, 27 = Twentybuzz, etc. If you mess up you are out. This was too complicated for the kids just learning English so they just had to say the number based on the number of fingers we held up. Two boys were so good at it we had to use two pairs of hands.

We also did some silly races and other games (such as telephone- whispering a word from person to person and seeing if it comes out like the original word).

All in all it went well.

Next time I will bring my camera!


Blogger kim said...
Volunteering at the orphanage sounds like a great experience for everyone involved. I can just picture all of the little boys running around an giggling.

It is oppressively hot here in Texas too... any great outdoor activities you can think of? :) Our swimming pool is 90 degrees. Unless it entails being immersed in water, it is too hot to go outside.

Blogger Jenni said...
That's great that you are able to volunteer in an orphanage! It sounds like you had fun helping out.

I hope you get some more comfortable weather soon.

Blogger Rachael said...
Thanks for the Simple Wishes shout-out! I hope you like the mugs! They were all snapped up, so I've got to get to work on more ASAP!

And, volunteering at the orphanage sounds like great fun. However, walking to the library as you describe: not so much! :)

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