Saturday, August 23, 2008
Disney Live and Other Things that Could Go Wrong
I submitted my formal request to start a business here.

I have to get permission from the commander of our military base.

I learned that there are no guarantees for permission, I can't advertise except through word of mouth, I can't carry out any of the business inside my home and that even handing out a business card might get me in trouble.


Anyway. I thought I would start as if I already had permission.

Here is my business plan:
Three Sons And A Princess Photography
outdoor portraits of you and your family

I will meet clients outdoors, take their photos and put them up on my photo blog (watermarked) for their review. Then I will charge for each photo they order (cost depends on size)- which they can specify through email and then either mail or drop off payment.

That is my plan. To start I took a few outdoor portraits of my family and put them up- this way people can go to the site and see what type of pictures I take before they hire me.

I am going to recruit a few more models and try some group stuff.
So, hopefully I will get approved.

If not, well I tried.
Kind of like how I tried to see Disney Live! last night.

I had been telling Piney all day yesterday that she was getting to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the Disney Princesses. She was all dressed up with her little dress and tights and SO excited.

Well, things didn't turn out as planned.

At the last minute we had to drive our son Link to a party in the city. We knew we would be late for the Disney show if we tried to drive home and take the subway from there, so we parked and tried to find a subway station close to the party. This is when we realized that we had left the stroller back home, but it was too late to go back for it. Did I mention it was pouring rain? Ya.

We walked down the street and tried to ask for directions to the train, but most of the Koreans couldn't understand us. Finally we found a woman who could lead us there. We had wasted 20 minutes floundering around before finally reaching the train. Then we waited 10 minutes at the train station and no train came.

We didn't know anything about this station. What if it NEVER came? So we decided to leave the station and try to get a taxi.

For another 20 minutes we stood in the rain with empty taxi after empty taxi passing us. We did everything to try to get them to stop for us. I was in tears at this point. We were never getting to the show.

Finally, a taxi stopped for us, but he couldn't understand what we were saying so he wouldn't take us and we got back out. This is probably why the taxis wouldn't stop for us.

Finally, a taxi driver stopped that understood what we were saying.

Due to the rain; however, the traffic inched along. We could have walked to the show faster.

The taxi dropped us off at 7:30. The show started at 7. We still had to walk from the drop off point another 30 minutes to the other side of Olympic Park. I had decided to wear the most painful shoes in the universe. I don't know what I was thinking. Finally at 8PM we arrived at the show venue. Tired, soaking wet and me with bleeding feet. Seriously. Bleeding.

We were SO excited to see the last 30 minutes of the show. We feared that they might not even let us in at that late hour.

Piney saw her beloved Disney characters perform and all was well.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After The End

Blogger Rachael said...
That is the kind of thing that would happen to me too. And, I'd probably be wearing the uncomfortable shoes as well!

Glad Piney was satisfied with her 30 minutes and all is well.

Blogger Jenni said...
I've had journeys similar to the one you described as well. Not fun! Glad you made it for the last half hour of the show and Piney was happy. You were probably just relieved to sit and relax for a bit!

Best of luck with the photography business. I love your portraits, and outdoor settings are so much nicer than studio ones. The natural feel of them seems to capture the subject's personality in ways that a studio setting never could.

Oh no! So sorry about the horrible Disney experience!

We once got tickets for the kids to see Hi-5 live and I got the day wrong. We drove an hour away to the venue before realizing that the show had taken place the day before. That was a fun trip home with our brokenhearted 2 and 4 year old :(

Love the pictures! I hope you do well with your new business. What kind of camera/lens do you use? Your family shots are lovely.

Blogger Elle said...
Good luck with the photo biz. I can hook you up with contacts (of course they are in the states) for resources and support.

Blogger Melissa said...
What an ordeal! I think it's great that you followed through, even though the ordeal. I would've been tempted (and likely given in to the temptation) to just give up and go home.

And you know, I'm doing something similar with regard to the photography. Don't know if you've ever seen my website, but if you want to check it out, it's Best wishes! It's tough to go out on a limb sometimes!

Blogger Kristen said...
Aw that's awful! Well, I'm glad she got to see the end.

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
good luck on your endeavor

Blogger Pat and Alli said...
I really enjoyed your photos. What kind of camera do you have. Good luck with the business.

So it is true then..every Disney cloud has a silver lining.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey there! I came across your blog as I was browsing information on international adoption.
It's my dream to adopt (I am adopted myself and think it's something that i am meant to do as a parent), and i'd love to go internationally if possible.
Anyways, i just wanted to say thatI really enjoyed the glimpse into your daily life, and that you have a gorgeous family!

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