Sunday, August 17, 2008
Current Events In My Life and The World
I have been watching the Olympics off and on, but every time I turn it on it isn't the sport I want to watch.

I was so upset about missing the women's all-around gymnastics. I turned it on right as the winners were being announced. Watching the U.S.A. get gold and silver would have been amazing. Thank goodness for YouTube.

I have also been thinking about school starting. Piney starts 3-year-old preschool. It is only 2 days a week for a few hours. I have been trying to think about other activities she would enjoy during the winter. Maybe I will enroll her in gymnastics (She's Russian- she could be the next Olympic gold medalist of course, ha ha)

Other recent thoughts are about the conflict with Russia and Georgia. When we visited Russia for Piney's adoption- one of our cab drivers was Georgian. He was so excited that we were from the U.S.A. He wanted us to know that he was not Russian, but Georgian, so that meant we were friends. U.S.A. and Georgia are friends, so he was our friend. Best Friends. He loved the U.S.A.

I had never even heard of Georgia (except for the one next to Florida). Bad I know.

Speaking of friends. M showed me this comic (click on it to read easier):

Is it TRUE?

I think it might be true.

This comic stresses me out.

I want to be a guy.

I will end with some photos from the orphanage we volunteered at today:


Blogger ~nOe~ said...
what's the song in this video on youtube?

(I had lost your blog address. So happy to find it again! I was talking about you with my husband and sharing your story).

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
How long are you going to be in Korea? Do you have any plans to come back to the states?

Blogger Dede said...
I'm afraid that the cartoon might be right. I think girls are a little more judgemental when they first meet. Loved the photos of your volunteer day. It's nice that you have the opportunity to do that and great for your kids.

Blogger jeneflower said...

The band is Jars of Clay and the song is Show You Love.


We will be in Korea until 2011, but may visit the states next year (2009).

Blogger thotlady said...
I used to work at an adoption agency. We placed children from Russia with American families.

One of my co-workers adopting three siblings from Russia.

Adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family.

Blogger Dreamer girl said...
That cartoon is so thought provoking. Except, I wonder if when we look at each other we wonder instead are they seeing our faults not us focused on them. Who knows? But, I've had people say to me basically "baby has back" and point out things about me like my long nose etc. I never point out flaws to other people. We all have them. I could never get why people do that to me. Oh, well.

I really liked seeing the pictures of your family at the orphanage. What a lesson in love and kindness. I wanted to hug those kids.

Thanks for the advice about my exchange student.

He comes sept. 1.

Blogger Debbie B said...
That comic is most likely and unfortunately true. When I go out I am dressing for others not myself. If it were for me I'd be in T-shirts and jeans everyday. Sigh

Looks like everyone had a good time at the orphanage. How did Piney do?

Blogger Jenni said...
I'm afraid the comic is true. Even if it's not completely true, I often feel like it is - that sense of being judged for your exterior by other women. *sigh*

It looks like you guys had a great time at the orphanage. How did you do it without feeling the desire to take all those beautiful children home?! Just looking at those photos makes my heart constrict.

Blogger Carolyn said... has the Olympic highlights, full events, and live viewing. It's great! You can watch all the stuff you want to see on your own time schedule, and replay the really cool moments as many times as you want. The viewing screen is small which is the one downside.

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