Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Cheju Island (Jeju) , South Korea

We just returned home from our weekend trip to Cheju.

We went to the beach, Pacific Island (a dolphin and sea lion show), climbed Sunrise Peak, stood under waterfalls, explored caves and walked through a century old preserved Korean village...

(pic: Piney is dramatically telling me that she is SO dirty)

I want to show you all a few pics-

but before I do you have to read the sign that was at the beach outside of our hotel.

(The Koreans are SO cute! Read the bottom line too.)

And now as I promised, see pictures HERE.


Blogger kim said...
Great pics. I love the waterfall pictures.

Blogger Maggie said...
How fun. I love the pic of Piney looking over M's shoulder. And the pic of your middle son (I get their blog nicknames confused) is gorgeous.

The sign is too funny! It goes to show how this can get messed up when translated.

Blogger Rachael said...
I love the English tranlation. Too cute.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love all the pictures..
All your sons are so handsome.
And Piney is just cute as can be.
It has been fun sharing in your journey.
How many years before you can come back home to states?
I loved the beach pictures especially the one of the waterfall. I take it little one doesn't like to get dirty.? LOL..


Blogger Marcie said...
LOL! That sign is TOO funny! but very good advice when you think about it...especially when on vacation...!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.


Blogger Beverly said...
Love Piney's look!

Blogger Jane-Jane said...
been awhile since I have been around... we are going through some life changes, my time is very limited, so my blogging has taken a hit. However, I often think of you guys and say a prayer.

also...LOVE the warning sign at the beach! translation can be interesting.

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