Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Cause I'm Free... To Do What I Want...
So at the same time I decided to go TV-Free I finished my school semester.

For some reason this made me feel like I was free falling.

A lot of my time was spent on the computer doing school work (my classes were online) and watching DVDs or TV.

So ending this all at once felt sort of scary.

What were things going to be like?

My first thought was that I needed to reconnect with everyone in my life.

Relationships that had been put on hold for my school work all of a sudden became vitally important. I needed relationships to feel grounded- because someone had moved my ground.

However, nobody elses life had changed, so my kids and husband didn't know what to think of my all-of-a-sudden "over-talkative and interested in their life" self.

And it was scary to give up my TV babysitter for Piney.

I wondered what she would do with herself.

I soon found out-

She would make a huge mess of the house by getting into anything and everything within reach.

(I had to move some things to higher shelves)

Next, she wanted to spend time on and off my lap.

The difference was that I totally let her.

I let her make a mess of her toys and I let her get on and off my lap

because I had time- I wasn't distracted by other things.

I also figured that we could clean up the mess together at the end of the day- and it was fine.

We also did some activities together like coloring in a coloring book, playing finger games, writing a story together, and painting her nails.

When she didn't need me I read books, started on photo albums, planned meals, copied recipes, planned some sewing projects, cleaned my house, took care of my pot garden, read books outloud to my 9 year old, played board games with my family, found out about their lives, walked them to lessons, etc. My boys are not watching TV during the day either.

All I have to say about it now is that it is scary to give up TV and reduce computer time- but its worth it. It is like taking yourself out of an isolated virtual world and into the real world.

I can't say that it still doesn't feel scary.

It sort of does still, but it also feels like an adventure.

This weekend we are going to visit an island off the coast of Korea (Cheju island).

We will spend some time as a family at the beach, hiking mountains, exploring caves, and swimming in the ocean. It is a slower paced world on that island.

And I am SO looking forward to it!
Blogger Maggie said...
Slugger and I don't watch much TV until 8 p.m. or so, but it's often playing in the background anyway. This morning I didn't turn it on at all and we haven't missed or needed it. I often have it on while I'm working just for the noise factor (I kind of miss the noise and interaction of other people in the office now that I work from home). I think I might try a day without the TV on and see how it goes.

I'm not willing to go TV free yet. But cutting back on it shouldn't hurt at all. Thanks for the inspiration. It will be interesting to see if the lack of TV forces Slugger and I to spend more quality time together.

Blogger Debbie B said...
That's great. I have started limiting my TV. I'd be too afraid to quit all together right now since I'm home all day with an infant that doesn't interact much yet. But I imagine as she grows my TV viewing will shrink.

Blogger Dreamer girl said...
What an awesome idea. I have been using the computer a lot because I bought some educational programs for my sons. But besides that, I do need to reduce. I'm proud of you for taking the big step. Yet, I understand how school took up lots of your time. Enjoy your free time and island!

Blogger Melissa said...
I'm not home during the day...but our TV rarely comes on at night. I grew up watching relatively little tv, so it holds very little importance to me. I'd rather read, anyway. And we really lucked out on having a child that could care less about the tv. Well, except that there have been a few times that I've really NEEDED him to sit still for a few minutes with the tv, and he could care less about it. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, this is really a good thing. Way to go!!

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
I have to get rid of the crutch too.

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