Thursday, July 03, 2008
Adoption Life Book. Two Years Late. Check.
Happy 4th of July!

Since we will be on an island in Korea (that will obviously not be celebrating the 4th of July)

I am celebrating early by wishing you all a great celebration day!

I hope you have fun plans with family and friends.

I really miss the U.S.A. and with the rising cost of flying (due to fuel prices) I don't know when we will be able to get back there again. I hope next year.

There might be a way we can fly free by hitching a ride on a military plane that is already going there.

We are looking into it.

I heard you have to wear ear plugs on those flights. Hmmmm.

Anyway, we have been soaking in the lazy days of summer.

Can you believe that I FINALLY finished Piney's Life Book?????

Yes. After all of this time. I started it in Fall 2006 and haven't had time to really devote to the task until now.

Yesterday I had some friends over (our knitting group) and my friend looked at it and it made her cry- so I know it turned out like I wanted for Piney.

It starts from just before our adoption, including all of our trips to Russia, her baby shower and the first six months home.

It was fun to relive the memories.

The first months home with a newly adopted child is VERY exciting, but also VERY challenging- so now that things are much easier- those first months have glossed over into only fond memories.

It is funny how our memories do that- as we remember the good old days and forget all the hard parts.

I've also been experimenting with different recipes this past week. Some have turned out well, others not so much. I will share my made up recipes with you in my next post. The ones that worked well of course!

Happy Independence Day again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Happy Independence to all Americans all over the world from a couple of Americans who are now living "down under" in service for their Church. Thanks to those who honor and respect the right to religious freedom, no matter what your creed. Thanks to those who remember that America is a God given land for all who will worship Him.

Happy Independence to people all over the world who are living in democracy, may you understand that with freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility to vote, to work for a better community and nation, to serve and help others, to fight for the right to choose and be free. We salute our soldiers who sacrifice their all because that is part of being free. Happy Birthday America

Blogger Lea said...
Adorable picture! Well, this made me feel better:). I am still working (off and on) on the boys' lifebooks and still have a way to go. I don't really have a good excuse though. I need to get on the ball.

Happy 4th of July! Hope you have a fun vacation!

Blogger Jenni said...
Congratulations on finishing the lifebook! It will be a treasure for Piney as she gets older.

I'm still working on my kids' books. Now, with the new birthfamily info, I've got to redo a bunch of pages. You've inspired me to get back to work on them!

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
I just finished Olivia's too. Now I need to finish Kevins. Happy 4th to you

Blogger kim said...
Our thoughts are with you (and all Americans abroad) as your family serves our country to keep us all safe. Days like today give us all a chance to say "thank-you." Hopefully you will get to visit soon. Happy Independence Day!

Blogger Rhonda said...
Happy 4th to you and your family. I hope you can make it back to the states soon.

Blogger Dede said...
Can you give us some tips on putting together a lifebook? I can't seem to figure how to do it...whether to try to scrapbook it, picture album or just create it from my blog. How did you do yours?

Blogger 6blessings said...
This is a funny post. I informed my kids as we were watching fireworks last night that we wouldn't have the 4th next year. The older ones who knew some history understood. All the younger ones thought about was the absence of fireworks. I informed them that they would have not just one day, but many days/weeks of fireworks in China during Chinese New Year and other such events.

BTW, we were supposed to go through Seoul on our way there, but they have rerouted us now. I was hoping we could meet each other there, but unfortunately not this time. The flights were way more expensive that way. When it was considered times 8, it was too much. Our city is not but a 2 hour flight from you, so hopefully we can work something out sometime.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Jen, Any way you can show a page from Piney's life book? I need to get started on my son's lifebook (adopted from Perm, Russia) and would love to see a sample! You could e-mail it to me also if you don't want to publish.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Jen, Any way you can show a page from Piney's life book? I need to get started on my son's lifebook (adopted from Perm, Russia) and would love to see a sample!

Blogger Debbie B said...
I've flown on a DC-3 before which is an older military plane. Yes ear plugs would have been nice. Guess there isn't much padding in the walls. It also had no heater the first time we flew in it but they quickly got that fixed. It was freezing.

I haven't even started on Izzy's book really. I'm almost done with our adoption book but am going to redo some of the before stuff. It just doesn't flow.
Glad you got her life book finished.

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