Tuesday, June 24, 2008
My Daughter Can Fly and Other Interesting Insights

Things have been going well since my last post.

No bathroom accidents. None.

Yesterday was strange though.

I keep Piney's clothes and underwear on very high shelves in her room.

Yesterday I had her in an outfit that would be very difficult to remove by herself- it zips up in the back...

but after Piney had been playing in her room, she emerged wearing a completely new outfit.

First she would have had to get her original outfit off somehow...

then would have had to climb very high on unstable shelves to reach the new underwear...

then would have somehow retrieved a shirt that was hanging in her closet which is way above her head.

The shirt was also long sleeved and a type of material that might have been difficult to put on...

and finally she had gotten pants from the top drawer of her dresser which is also difficult to reach.

When she emerged from the room wearing this new outfit - put on perfectly- she ran into Kirby.

When she saw him she told him she had pooped in her pants.

Kirby came to tell me.

I came in her room to check it out.

Her old outfit was on the floor, including her old underwear and it was completely clean.

"Piney. Your underwear is clean. You didn't poop in your pants you silly girl," I laughed.

"I DID! I DID! I peed my pants! LOOK!" she said adamantly as she showed me perfectly, dry clean pants.

"Piney, how in the world did you get that new outfit?" I marveled.

"I climbed." she said.

Impossible, I thought to myself. There is no step stool around, nothing to climb on. Did she fly up there?

About 30 minutes later she informed me that she had peed her pants again. She was still wearing the same outfit.

Again- she hadn't peed her pants. It was clear that she was saying this because she wanted to change into another new outfit.

(Could changing outfits be one of the reasons she has continued to have accidents, but now realizes it isn't working, because I remove her clothes instead of giving her new ones? Hmmm)

Anyway, I couldn't have her changing outfits all night- so I offered her a bag of costumes.

At first she protested, but I soon saw her emerging from her room in a costume. Then another. Then another. Then another.

I think she wore every costume in the bag.

As she was wearing her latest style she wanted to cover me with stickers and hats, and other things she could find.

Then she wanted to do my hair, etc.

We were quite a sight together!

Very fun!


Blogger Wendy said...
I think you might be on to something. Both of my girls went through a phase where they wanted to change their clothes 10 times a day. It was brilliant giving her the dress up clothes. Now she doesn't need to have an accident to change!

Blogger Rachael said...
It sounds like you might have solved the puzzle!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think Santa may have helped her! :)

My daughter changes clothes a million times a day...definitly a girl thing...my boys wouldn't change clothes unless I MADE them...my 9 year old is still like that!!!

Blogger Mrs. Pagett said...
The costumes are the perfect solution. And just look how beautiful she is all dolled up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I remember changing clothes all the time. My youngest son loves to do this too. My oldest, not so interested. It's wonderful you figured it out!


Blogger Jenni said...
Resourceful little thing, isn't she? ;)

Interesting idea about why she was having accidents. You may be on to something there....

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
She can totally dress herself? Wow, I need to work on that with Olivia. I still put on her outfits. For that matter, I do it with Kevin too. I better start making them do it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Reminds me of Piney's mother. Always dressed up for a show or play or some creative activity. How fun and what great memories. She'll cherish them. Write them down so you don't forget them when she comes back some 20+ years as says what was I like when I was 3. Enjoy!

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