Sunday, June 29, 2008
I've decided.

We are going to take the plunge and go TV-FREE.

This means no cable TV or DVDs - not free ones from the library or purchased ones from the store.

Piney and I are going to break our TV habit.

So what are we going to do instead?

Here are some ideas.

But I am sure we will think of others.

This TV ban will be effective during the weekday.

If M brings home a DVD for the family on the weekend than we won't protest, but Piney and I are going to do without for the rest of the time.

It has become too big of a habit and a crutch.

And I would be feeling excited about this new adventure except the truth is that right now I am feeling quite agitated.

Why? Well I am taking final exams today. I just finished my first one and it was a lot harder than I expected. You know the difference between studying for a test you think will be multiple choice and finding out it is fill in the blank and essay? Ya.

ANYWAY. Then on top of that I parked my car at the library after my test and got out and was walking towards the library. The lady who owned the car next to mine was getting in her car at the same time.

However, instead of getting in her car she came around and yelled for me to come back.

I did.

Then she proceeded to yell at me for getting out of my car and letting my backpack "hit" her car.

I looked at the side of her car and there was no marks on it whatsoever. No damage from my soft, empty backpack hitting her car.

I told her that I didn't understand- that I didn't see any marks on her car.

She was flabbergasted at my reply. (You don't understand???!!!! + swearing)

I was so confused. I had never had someone yell at me because my bag hit their car. I can totally understand if I had hit her with my bag, or if I had keyed her car or rammed my car door into her car, but my backpack?

"Why did you park so close to my car!" She said accusingly.

"Because this is a tight spot to get out of." I replied

She did not understand.

Sigh. I guess I should have apologized.

Ironically as I sit here at the library computer, the girl next to me stood up and accidentally hit me with her bag.

She didn't notice.

But I looked up and smiled at her anyway.

(Sorry I had to delete this post and redo it because blogger was giving me problems. I saved your comments here)


Blogger Marcie said...

We went w/out TV for a month and my 9 yr old was ok with it at the time and made it a point to rat out my husband when he tried to sneak TV when I wasn't home! Noah enjoyed it and we subsituted our TV watching with Movies which my son does most of the time anyway.

Blogger Rachael said...

Are your boys going TV free too?

I think we could definitely stand to limit it in our house, but I don't think I could do TV free. Sad, but true.

Blogger Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Good for you! When the weather is nice, there really is no reason to spend all day indoors watching TV. I'm working my way towards a TV-free house, I've just got to get the husband on board.

Blogger Jenni said...

We have definitely put a limit on TV in our house, but I would have a hard time cutting it out completely. I'm interested to see how it goes for your family.

Sorry about the angry woman. That is so strange...I wonder what she was so irritated about?

Blogger Marcie said...

The angry crazy lady didn't key your car or anything like that did she?? Some people..its just not worth getting all upset over stuff like that...

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
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