Saturday, June 14, 2008
Happy Father's Day M!

Happy Father's Day!

10 Things I Love About You

-You always make holidays, dates, anniversaries, birthdays and vacations fun and memorable

-You always invite me to come along when you are going somewhere

-You have worked really hard to be successful in your career and your other responsibilities

-You are involved with the kids, with your weekly daddy dates and your nightly counsel

-You are calm in the face of trouble and stress and I feel safe when I am with you

-You do well in most things that you try

-You always take our family to church and volunteer your time as needed for the church

- You are always seeking to improve yourself and be a better person

-You are never judgmental about the state of the house, my latest bad haircut, or the meals I make ("This is good Jen!" even when everyone else, including me is grimacing)

-You have taken us on very exciting adventures through our military moves and exploring places locally (We have had quite a wild road with you!)

Thanks for being a great Husband and Dad!
Blogger Debbie B said...
You are a very blessed family to have a husband/dad like M. Happy Father's Day!

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