Tuesday, May 06, 2008
You Give 'Em An Inch... Too Many Choices
I totally believe in information overload...

and choice overload...

I don't like having so many choices.

For example, I want a simple washing machine that has one button: Wash.

Not a trillion different settings and temperatures and options.

Too many choices make me cry.

So how can I blame Piney?

I usually get her dressed and ready in the morning.

I pick out her outfit.

But I thought- you know- she is getting older. She needs choices.

So instead of choosing her one outfit (of which she wears happily)

I gave her three coordinated outfits to choose from.

But she didn't want any of the three outfits. She wanted to make her own outfit from the drawer. (i.e. I want to wear pink open-toed sandals that school doesn't allow with a belt that makes it impossible to go potty)

I stood firm. She needed to choose from the three outfits I had set out for her.


So I went straight back to choosing for her.

And I realized- that is what I want too. I want someone to choose my daily outfit.

One less thing to think about- Have it all coordinated, cleaned, pressed and laid out on my bed every morning. Mmmmm

I know choices are important (freedom and all that), but could we slow it down a bit?

I mean I am inundated with a million choices the moment I turn on my computer every morning!

O.K Go ahead and say it:

"Don't turn on your computer then."

Nevermind. I like choices.


What do you think?

Are there too many buttons to push on your cell phone? Too many outfits in your closet? Too much jewelry in your jewelry box? Too many emails in your inbox?

Or are you happy with all your choices?

P.S. Yea! Finally NEW photos on the photo blog from Sunday. Check them out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
That whole choices part was like a day in my life. My daugher also 3, wears whatever I grab for her, but I give her the choice (the night before) of what she wants to wear to Church. I find that is easiest for us all. Sometimes it takes a while and we have to try on every dress in her closest, but its Saturday night...what else would I rather do than try on dresses with my little girl? As for my son (6), we have a new rule...he gets 5 minutes in the morning to pick out his clothes for school and if it takes longer than he wears what I want him to wear. Since this rule, he's usually dressed before the time is up. I think an egg timer works great for this. Also helps him to understand time frames.

Blogger Isle Dance said...
Oh, the life of a toddler. Love it!

Blogger All about you said...
I have a10 year old who still doesn't always make the right choices for clothing so I have to tell her when she comes down from her room that her pants don't match or the shoes don't go ect. I think even at 10 she gets overwhelmed by allof the choices she has to make on a daily basis. I know that we live such a fast paced life that there isn't the time in this day and age to think things over. It seems that we have to make snap decisions almost every hour of the day and this filters down to our kids. I just want my daughter to be able to be a kid for several more years without the concerns and worries that adult life brings.

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