Thursday, May 29, 2008
Piney Safe At Home

Thanks for all of the help with the window problem.

I didn't even know there were removable window locks you could buy.

Great idea!

I think Piney understands not to open the window now, but better to be safe than sorry.

When she had opened the window a lot of bugs came into the house and it upset her to see flies and mosquitos flying about. When I told her that they came in through her opened window and we have to keep it closed so that they stay outside, she seemed to take that advice seriously.

She doesn't like bugs and she probably also discovered she couldn't fly...

so hopefully that is behind us.

She is going to be home from school in a few minutes (M picks her up) and I anticipate she will run in as usual,"Mama! Mama! Mama! I'm home! Mama! I'm home! I kept my underwear dry at school, so I get two suckers (holding up 2 fingers)! Then she will climb up on my chair and jump on my back and say "You're all done with computer mama! All done now! All done now! I hungry mama! I hungry!"

And then I will say, "Almost done... just a second..."

But she never takes that as an answer as she pulls me into the kitchen. I realize that giving her 2 suckers for keeping her pants dry at school is TERRIBLE, but I was desperate and 1 sucker wasn't working.

So, then I will try to find her something healthy to eat.

That is a little difficult after TWO suckers.

She usually wants juice- which I have started hiding from her. This kid could drink down a whole gallon of juice if given the opportunity. So if she doesn't see it she will probably give up on the juice and she MIGHT ask for an apple.

I also try to offer her some bread and cheese which usually goes over O.K.

I wish I could give her nuts because she LOVES nuts and they are so healthy, but the package says "Don't Give Nuts To Kids Under 6".

I don't know about that...

SIX? Six seems pretty old to me for choking on nuts, but I guess 6 year olds are still supposed to be in car seats too now.

I don't think any of my boys were still in car seats at six.

I did use this for them though and I felt they were safe.

Of course we don't hardly drive anymore.

Even here, the price of gas has totally spiraled out of control- and when I mean here- I mean we are supposed to get discount gas through the military and it is still $4 a gallon!!

I love to walk with Piney anyway. We get to see the trees and the flowers.

Oh! She is home! Gotta go!


Blogger Elle said...
Oleg loves nuts and would eat them at every given opportunity. Cashews are his favorite. As long as she can chew them properly and isn't allergic go ahead. Or at least that is what I think, but I also give my child the dreaded raw carrot too.

Blogger Melissa said...
I agree with Elle. I imagine the age six is when it is absolutely for certain that children aren't going to be allergic to nuts. But Iliya loves nuts, too, and as long as he is not showing an allergy to them (and yeah, can chew them well), then I figure it's okay. (I do raw carrots, too, under supervision)

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
I have given my kids nuts, but only when I am watching them carefully and I make sure I give them some water/juice to wash it down with. Glad she is over the window opening thing

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i noticed you mentioned $4 a gallon is almost that here too now....

Blogger Marcie said...
It IS over $4 a gallon here in WA state. UGH. You learn to love your bike more and more these days...

Blogger Lea said...
My kids love english walnuts and almonds and will beg for them if they see us eating them. We let them have them but we watch them closely and they are not allowed to run around while eating them. They also love raw carrots. We get the kind that are cut up like chips.

Piney is such a cutie, and I can TOTALLY hear her saying, "All done on computer now, Mama, ALL DONE!" Don't they just lap up our attention these dear and beautiful children? They reek of life. I love it!


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