Friday, May 16, 2008
My Child Has An Imaginary Friend

My Child Has An Imaginary Friend

At first all of the talk of Santa Clause around and after Christmas

from Piney was novel and cute...

But recently I have been a little troubled by her incessant talking about Santa when it is five months after Christmas.

And then I realized.

Oh my gosh. Santa is her imaginary friend.

Piney: Santa used to be at my old house all the time. He isn't at this house as much.

Me: Is he here now?

Piney: Yes.

Me: Does Santa sleep with you in your room?

Piney: Yes. He lives in my room.

Me: Really.

Piney: Sometimes I kick him like this.

Me: That isn't very nice.

Piney: Sometimes he gives me high fives.

Me: Really. Hmmmm. Oh Look at this mess. Did you do this?

Piney: No, my Santa Clause did it.

Me: O I see. Who is this Santa Clause? Is Santa an old man?

Piney: No. Santa Clause is a woman.

Me: Is he here now?

Piney: No, not now.

Me: Where did he go?

Piney: He went to a party. He'll be back.

Me: Does he go to a lot of parties?

Piney: Ya. He LOVES parties....

Sometimes the conversations get quite interesting. I think she has had an imaginary friend for a long time- but it is only since Christmas that she gave the friend a name. And how perfect-
a name associated with excitement and anticipation.

The question now is how to handle it.

Any ideas?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
My son had one on and off for his first 4 years and one day he just left. I asked my son now who is 10 about him and he still remembers this time in his life. There was one time he was gone for about a month and I thought he out grew his friend and one day a went to sit on the couch and my son started crying and getting really upset and wanted me off the couch and I asked why and he said I sat on his friend and was hurting him.He never had a name but he was real for my son. My neighbors 3 year old has a dragon friend that she plays with and talks to all the time as well. I think it is so natural and not a problem for them to have one.

Blogger Maggie said...
As long as Santa isn't interfering with her ability to interact with other kids, then I'd just chalk it up to a normal part of development. My oldest sister had an imaginary friend named "JesusMaryJoseph" (all one word). My mom said one day Leigh came in from playing and said "JesusMaryJoseph sended away." (Get it? ...ascended into heaven.)And that was the end of that.

Blogger Elle said...
I agree with Margaret. If it isn't interfering with her ability to socialize with other kids it's fine. It is her way of developing her curiosity and imagination. I had an imaginary friend named Sally. Sally went everywhere with us and owned the diary farm in town. I'll see if I can get my mom to write about it since she remembers more than I do.

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
dont have any advice. hope you figure it out though. hugs.

Blogger Colleen said...
Zoe's imaginary friend is "Little Fellow". He fits in her hand. He likes noodles. He enjoys bath time. He is potty training. The other day Zoe could absolutely not sit in her booster chair because "Little Fellow" was sitting there... so she'd have to sit in my big chair for dinner. Once, Zoe told me "Little Fellow" was an inch worm... but she's never said that again.

Honestly... I don't think it's a problem. Right now I'm quite entertained by "Little Fellow" and his adventures. I'm interested to see what comments and advice you get!

Blogger JennyLou said...
Very normal behaviour for Piney's age. She is moving through an emotional developmental stage of learning what is real and what is not.
I had a friend called Mrs Lily, she lived at the bottom of the garden. My daughter had Juicy and Julie, my son had the Cookie Monster! None of us have anything lurking now, we all learned to make real friends!!

Blogger Anita said...
I think it's pretty normal... My Daughter had one, my son has had a couple who have come and gone...

You've been tagged on Prairie Dreams by the way... sorry! :)

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