Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Johnson & Johnson's Camp Baby : Delivering the Princess Treatment

Pineapple Princess hit the mother-load yesterday as a large box of pampering Johnson & Johnson products came in the mail for her.

Camp Baby had come through.

"For ME???" Piney squealed excitedly.

"For YOU Honey! You are going to have the bath of your dreams!"

"Yea! Yea!" (Piney jumping up and down)

Since I wasn't able to attend Camp Baby, Johnson & Johnson sent Camp Baby to me.

We received a personal letter from Lori Dolginoff, the Global Director of JOHNSON'S Baby, a computer CD with videos, graphics, and information about the company, Johnson & Johnson moisture care baby wash, Johnson's Baby natural lavender shampoo, Johnson's baby lotion and Johnson's baby cream.

Pineapple gets regular morning baths and massages, so it was EXTRA special to be able to use all of this new awesome stuff. We have been doing the massages regularly to help facilitate attachment ever since we brought Pineapple home from Russia last year. She really looks forward to it.

After her pampering this morning with her new lotions she said,"I smell good mama!"

The cool thing too, was that the whole computer CD was about baby massage. They even gave tips. I will share them with you:

A Mother's Touch: Bonding through Massage

step 1. Warm JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion in your hands before beginning. While holding
baby’s heel in one hand, use the other to stroke from her bottom up to her foot.
Don’t squeeze; just relax your hand and mold it to your baby’s leg as you go.
Repeat this motion in reverse.

step 2. Hold her foot with one hand while you rotate each toe gently with the other hand. Then, with your thumb pressed against the sole of baby’s foot, flex her foot up and down. Repeat.

step 3. Roll your baby’s legs from the knee to the ankle with the same smooth motion you would use to roll strings out of soft clay.

step 4.With your fingers against baby’s forehead, slide
your hands down her face, gently massaging
her temples. With your thumbs alongside her
nose, move your hands across her cheeks so
she peeks between them.

step 5. Making small circles with your fingers, massage both
sides of your baby’s jaw, close to her earlobes. Make
larger circles around the back of her ears and come
up under her chin, pressing forward so she has a double
chin. Make sure to top off your baby’s massage
with a few loving words in a warm, soothing voice

The coolest thing; however, is that Johnson & Johnson didn't forget that moms need pampering too and they threw in some classic and new items from Neutrogena for me to try as well:

This company has won me over.

Not only because they sent me free stuff. I have always liked their products. I have used Neutrogena's Healthy Skin lotion for a long time with great results.

After using Neutrogena'a Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Night Cream and Neutrogena's Age Shield Face Sunblock with SPF 70 that they sent me I don't think I will ever get another wrinkle. In fact I think I will stay 36 forever. Cool.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that the Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother SPF 20 that they sent is AWESOME. The moisture lasts and it smells REALLY good- trust me. Click on the links to read Amazon's reviews.

Beyond their product quality, I also admire their commitment to being socially responsible. The Better World Shopping Guide ranks Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno (all owned by the same company) the second highest socially responsible large corporation in their field, only under Aveda.

I want to spread the love! Leave a comment on my blog and I will randomly draw two names. One winner will get a Neutrogena 3-in-one Concealer for eyes (medium 15 shade) and the other person will get a Neutrogena healthy volume mascara- 400% fuller lashes with olive and sweet almond.

Good luck!

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Blogger Elle said...
so jealous. I didn't get to go to Camp Baby either, but I hear the girls that did got even better swag than what you got. Maybe they'll do it next year.

Blogger Jennifer said...
my bf works for a company that did something for them and they didnt end up using them but wanted to thank them for their help and send them all HUGE boxes of product. a few things were female friendly but he is set for a while in that dept. lucky!

btw i think im completely delurking. lol. ive been reading since before piney back at clubmom. shes getting so big! you guys seem to have such a sweet family and im completely envious of how you guys transition into a whole new culture with very few bumps along way!

Blogger Kristen said...
That's great that you were both pampered so nicely.

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
I have such dark rings under my eyes I look like a raccoon. send the concealer this way

Blogger Lauri said...
lucky ducky... hello Johnson & Johnson.. where was my invite?

Blogger Lauri said...
lucky ducky... hello Johnson & Johnson.. where was my invite?

Blogger Valeta said...
I love neutrogena products.

I don't think I have ever commented on your blog before. Piney is just the sweetest.

Blogger Sophie said...
I love that picture of your sweetheart. So glad Korea is agreeing with you all!

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