Thursday, May 22, 2008
The Great Escape: Leaving The House Without Screaming
Every time M and I want to go out we have to plan very carefully to reduce the amount of trauma Pineapple exhibits to the babysitters (our sons).

First we never say out loud that we are leaving or going out (sometimes we spell it or use a synonym that she doesn't understand yet).

We quietly put everything that we are going to take with us by the door and then return so she can see us.

We then give our boys babysitting instructions in whispers, behind closed doors.

We set up food and a video for Pineapple.

Then I quietly go out the front door and wait.

M says goodbye to her quickly- so she knows we are leaving and Ender is in charge.

I can not do this or she will scream, follow me and won't let go of my legs.

M quickly meets me outside.

Last night we went to a Korean wedding. We were the only Americans in attendance. The pictures below are of the flower girl and boy.

Upon our return we discovered that Pineapple had found a way to get into her whole box of hair clips and jewelry. She is amazing with small motor skills. She got everyone of those little clips in.

She also wet her pants.

This morning she was still protesting our leave of her. I got her dressed and told her to go potty.

She went into the bathroom. Then she stood right next to her potty seat and peed in her pants.

So another new outfit it is.

We are having a Korean high school student stay with us this week. We are hosting him here while he learns more about American culture.

I went to the fridge to get some milk and we were out. Hmmmm. What can I make for breakfast? I don't have time for anything elaborate. I whipped up some slimfast and powdered milk.

I don't think the Korean boy liked it. That went right along with our earlier taco dinner. He had never had a taco before. He said it was very interesting. He asked me if Americans eat a lot of meat and bread. I said we were trying to eat less meat-only one or two days a week. I don't think he believed me. I think he was taught that Americans eat a lot of meat.

The boy asked my boys if they enjoy studying.

They laughed (he look bewildered)

We asked him if he played video games.

He said he didn't have time for that. He studies early in the morning until late at night every day. He gets one month summer break and he uses it to build and paint apartments in poor areas of Japan.

My kids have been trying to break him of the study habit.

So much for his parents encouraging him to come.

He likes to play with Piney though and that is a plus, bonus for everyone.
(She looks very exotic he said after learning she was from Russia)

Other good news:

I opened the closet this afternoon and discovered this:

More great stuff from Johnson & Johnson that had somehow gotten separated from the box when I did my last post. Wow. It just keeps coming! Lotions, shampoos, body washes... I'll let you know what I think of them after I try them out!

Oh and the winners for my last post. O.K. I am writing everyone's name on a little paper and folding them up. Now I am asking Link to draw two names.... and the winners are:

Kristen (mascara) and Valeta (concealer)! Just comment with your email and I will get your address from you so I can send them.


Blogger Valeta said...

My email is

Blogger Kristen said...
I'm not sure if there is more than one Kristen that commented, but if not here's mine:


I think that's sooo neat to have the student staying with you to learn more about American culture. It's amazing that he studies so much, and to think how much our kids complain when they have a larger homework load for an evening! Wow.

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
that kids parents are gonna wonder what happened to their son. lol.

Blogger Kay B said...
Have you tried explaining to Pineapple before you go out what is happening and that you will be back and that she shouldn't cry? I know this sounds crazy, but with my son Josh, you have to tell him stuff ahead of time. He might not like it when you tell him, but then when it actually happens (whatever it is) he is not surprised by it and actually handles it better. You might start by telling Piney in the morning that you are going out in the afternoon. Tell her you will just be gone for a few minutes (or some period of time that she can understand) and then be sure to be back promptly at that time - even if it is just three minutes. Practice this a few times and see if it doesn' help by the next time you go out for an extended time.

not sure you were really looking for advice on this topic, but just my 2cents for the day.

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