Thursday, March 20, 2008

Before visiting Japan Piney would always tell us that she wanted to go home.

Soon we learned that "home" was Minnie Mouse's house in Japan. (At least that was her most consistent answer after Santa Clause's home on the moon)

So, I thought it was fitting to take a photo of this "Welcome Home" sign that we saw after arriving at the Tokyo airport.

Here is our only family photo that we were able to get on my digital camera. Unfortunately, I didn't read the battery level correctly and my camera battery died on the first day. I had to use a disposable camera for the rest of the trip. You have to realize how sad it was for me to be on a once in a lifetime trip to Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara with a disposable camera! The next photo was taken at the Ghibli Museum (a museum in Mitaka created by Anime Studio Ghibli) This is a picture of the famous Laputa robot from the Castle in the Sky movie)
Finally, we have some Disney photos. This is where my camera died, so I only have a few, but Pineapple was in dreamland there! Just today she was asking to go back again!


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