Friday, March 14, 2008
Fantastic Friday: Taking Up Knitting

I always thought knitting sounded fun

O.K. not always always, but since about the late '90s

and I admired those who could do it

but I didn't know how and I didn't have anyone to teach me

until now

My neighbor started me out on a little purple hat

It might be for Piney if it turns out to fit her

We'll see.

Also I discovered a lot of ways to serve others through knitting. : They send your homemade blankets to children and teens in need of comfort across the country. : They donate your homemade blankets to babies in need. They deliver your homemade blankets and other warm items to the homeless.

So now I have the baking and the knitting thing going

I am like a real homemaker now

How could you get more homemakerish than that?

Next thing I need to do is make some really good homemade organic vegetable soup.

Any good recipes anyone?

Oh and compost.

Those are the next things on my learning list.

Oh and homemade hummus. That is another thing I was thinking about.

Too fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Congratulations on taking up knitting! It's really a great pastime, it's relaxing AND you produce something useful (not to mention pretty).

Blogger Type (little) a said...
Oh Boy! I thought you said "Homemade Humans". LOL!

Actually hummus is not that hard (like 3 or 4 ingredients) The real trick is getting it to the right consistency. And since I don't have a food processor, mine always came out chunky style. :-)

Blogger Elle said...
I've done vegetable soup, but it was with a beef broth base. Just buy a bunch of organic veg (potatoes, green beans, carrots, celery or whatever) throw them in a pot, cover with stock, add some kosher salt and a little pepper bring to a boil and let simmer until veg is mostly done. I throw in some organic mini letter pasta to make instant alphabet soup. Easy.

And knitting? better you than me. I am a terrible knitter.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well crap - I think you've just motivated me to more thoughtful living. I even got the makings for oatmeal bars today. I may even make a trip to Vitamin Cottage tomorrow. It's funny because I haven't really wanted to change anything but am really started to feel convicted. I guess that's the way it works!


Blogger nates5bs said...
You can also trying Knifty Knitting. It's a lot easier, but produces the same results. Even my kids can do Knifty Knitting. Me and the kids knit scarves and hats and then took them with us on Trip 1 of our Russian adoption. That was a fun family project. So when you give up on "real knitting" (because it seems awfully hard), there's always Knifty Knitting to fall back on!

Blogger Jenni said...
Yay for knitting! It is a great hobby, and it is wonderful to be able to create something that will keep someone warm.

I've started a knitting club at my school, and the teachers and are I are thinking of donating our items to the local SAVE shelter (where a few of our students live). I'll check out some of the links you posted here too, in case one of those charities could use our knitted items more.

Blogger Wendy said...
I just sent another box of knitted goodies off to Warm Woolies, an organization that provides woolen items to kids in orphanages in cold climates. I love knitting. It allows me to keep my hands busy and my brain numb.....and still feel like I am being productive.

I love to knit! I'm sure you'll enjoy it too :)

Thank you for sharing the links. I didn't realize there were places you could donate your work! How fantastic!

Good luck with the hummus. Mmmmmm...

Blogger Jessica G. said...
Have you tried the round knitting looms? Those are fun! I can do those while watching tv and they seem to make the progress go faster. Some purists say it's not really knitting but I don't care. I'm just glad to be doing something useful.

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