Sunday, February 10, 2008
You Are So Smart, Pineapple
I just couldn't do it. I lasted all day long with no computer or TV until it reached 7:30 PM and then I just couldn't go one more minute or I was going to die. Really I promise. So I had to come in here and get on the Internet and read news about the primary election and now I am blogging.

But I am going to be brief and then I promise to go and read stories to Pineapple and put her to bed. As well as help with last minute homework and get everyone else to bed.

So I wrote this list because I have seriously had people tell me that because Pineapple was adopted at 2 from a Russian orphanage that she will never be as smart as other kids her age. That no matter what I do for her she will always be behind. That is just ridiculous in my opinion. She may have some special needs all her life, but certainly the adoption thing doesn't mean she will always be behind. So here are....

10 Reasons why Pineapple will get a perfect score on her SAT, learn several languages, be president of several clubs, play at least 3 different instruments, be captain of sports teams, get the lead in the school play, retain a 4.0, log 5,000 hours of community service before college, win several awards, and be valedictorian.... (no pressure or anything ha ha).....

1. She waited until Link babysat before she asked for her large box of ribbons, barrettes, clips, bead necklaces and bracelets down to play with and break apart and scatter all over her floor because she knew that neither me, M or Ender would have fallen for that.

2. When she wants to bring her bike into the house she makes sure no one is around and then she props the door open with a shoe so that she won't get locked out of the house and noiselessly pushes it into the apartment.

3. When she goes around diaper-less she makes sure that she carries around a pad to sit on wherever she goes.

4. We may forget to give her a treat when she goes potty, but she never does.

5. She always reminds us that she is going to visit Mickey Mouses house soon and Santa Claus is coming too. Also, if she can't find something like a puzzle piece, she reasures us that Santa Claus will bring it to her soon (because he is coming on Valentine's Day).

6. She realizes that if she claims everything as hers the odds are we will give her some of the things.

7. She figured out how to open the fridge lock and get out the whip cream.

8. If mama says no she runs to papa.

9. She knows if she jumps on mama's back mama might get off the computer

10. Every supermodel and celebrity she sees on magazine covers is always her mama ("Look mama it's you!").

I told you she was smart.

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Blogger kelly.eason said...
I love your blog! We have just adopted our 2 year old from an orphanage in Poland, and he's smarter than most 2 year olds I've met. I cannot believe someone had the nerve to make such a stupid comment! How did you respond?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
People can say the most ignorant things. We adopted a 3 1/2 yr old from Guat. She is now 6 and thriving. She is smart, sweet,cute,caring,adorable,mama's lil sweets, and she loves to learn. Your lil Pineapple will do just fine. I have been reading your blog for a while, and you are doing a great at raising her. I think many people who say things like that are jealous because they really deep down wish they could adopt a child and give them the love you give Pineapple. Many people discourged us from adopting our little sweety girl, but thank God above we did not listen. People who are not called to adopt just don't get it. Ok, Im going on about this but I can relate to what you are saying. God has a beautiful plan for your daughter and she is Gods precious creation,that he blessed you with. I predict she will be a Harvard graduate!! :) :)


Blogger Elle said...
you can direct the next person who gives you that type of asshat comment to my child. Adopted at 23 months and ahead of most children in his age group.

Blogger jeneflower said...
Most recently I was told that by Piney's audiologist (her hearing is perfectly fine BTW), but I have heard it before from other medical caregivers and specialists who have warped views of adoption from foreign countries. In response I usually say "I see" because I am too shy to say anything, while I seethe inside. I just try to end the conversation as quickly as possible and get Pineapple out of there. I don't think I will mention the adoption to her school teachers in case they have a bias.

Blogger Beth said...
She sounds absolutely brilliant to me! I especially love #10!

Blogger Jessica G. said...
Love the last one! That one would win me over, too. :) And after Piney has achieved great things, have her send a copy of her Nobel Peace Prize to all those people who doubted.

Anonymous Elena said...
Saying that a child will not be smart because she is adopted is just an opinion of an ignorant person or a comment of someone who is trying to hurt you. The statement has NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS at all. Intelligence has nothing to do with living in a baby house for a while or not. However, it has to do with living with ignorant parents...

Blogger Lauri said...
One smart cookie.. that is for sure

Anonymous The Other Elle said...
Ooooo, she is smart!
Good for you, Piney!

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