Thursday, February 07, 2008
Potty Training Making Me Crazy
Pineapple has been making strides towards being totally potty-trained, but she has still had her fair share of poopy panties.

It has been driving me crazy!

I can't take it, because I know that she can go in the potty if she wants to.

Seriously, one more cleaning of poopy underwear in the toilet is going to take me over the edge.

I still keep her pantie-free under her dress for a large portion of the day and she goes to the potty 100% of the time when she is like that. The problem is that she cries and begs me for underwear and my boys strongly dislike it. Also, no one likes it when she is crawling on beds and couches without underwear. So I give in and then she poops in them.

I seriously have to go into the bathroom, shut the door alone and count to 20 before I can come out sane and wash another poopy pantie.

Any suggestions on the potty training marathon would be appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love your blog - especially the pictures. I do like Obama but have not made a decision yet.

I must say though that I think it very offensive to judge the Huckabee states like that - and no, I'm not one of them. Is uniting the country all well and good - as long as it's not a Huckabee state? I just don't get that. I think that was very rude.

All right - you can all get ready with your flame throwers.


Anonymous Tina said...
I don't think it is up to your boys whether she is naked or not- it's a temporary situation- and many many toddlers run around this way all the time anyway. They should not be offended or embarrassed. My son had to endure the same thing for a time. If she is clean, there is no issue with her sitting on furniture or climbing around on stuff- she doesn't have a disease, for goodness sakes! Sorry about the rant- you have to do what works, and nevermind the boys in the house!

Blogger jeneflower said...
I am sure there are some good things about the states who picked Huckabee. I am not trying to be rude, I didn't say anything about Huckabee in particular (and I could have) or anything particular about the states who picked him. I am just saying that I think I would probably not like living in a state where I can't fathom the reasoning or logic of a majority of the people. At the same time, I don't fault them for their differing opinions.

Blogger Rachel said...
YAY for Obama... I am rooting for him too.

I don't have any advice for you about potty training, my son is only 17 months right now and no where near ready to start and I am fine that-for now at least.:)


Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
i am in the same boat only kevin is fully dressed in pants and underwear. he poops in the pants unless i happen to put him on the little potty (not the big one where he will only pee) at the exact time he has to poop.

Is Piney asking to go. Kevin doesn't I just put him on every hour or so. I wish he would tell me when he has to go.

Blogger Maggie said...
Edwards had my vote... now I'm back to the drawing board. I'm definitely voting Democrat, but I kind of hope McCain gets the Republican nod. (If Limbaugh doesn't like him, that practically guarantees that I will.) He's way more palatable than Huckabee or Romney. I just can't fathom having presidents with such a lack of tolerance and acceptance. We're a big country with lots of different views and beliefs and traditions. They're beliefs are too narrow to be a leader of all in my opinion.

Blogger Maggie said...
Excuse me... THEIR beliefs.

Damn spelling demons.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
OUCH! I actually think you might find that people who live in these states are some of the most caring and friendly people you would ever meet. I have often been told by people from other states how wonderful the people are here.

Blogger Ronda said...
I second Margaret. I think we need more tolerance, not less, in this nation of ours. Trust me, I live in Utah and you know what I mean. Tolerance is often a dirty word here.

I hear you on the potty training. Ugh! I'm working it with two toddlers and while wetting is almost history I can't solve the poo issue either. Everyone tells me it just takes a while. Come on. I'm ready already.


Anonymous Rebecca said...
Go Obama! I'm with you!! Good job with the potty training, I'm desperate to get Austin to do it!

Anonymous Fred said...
From a state that overwhelmingly supported Huckabee on the Republican side - thanks a lot. It shows a lot of tolerance and respect for people with a different point of view.

By they way, on the Democrat side, we supported Obama.

Blogger Beth said...
My daughter has been potty trained for over a year now but lately has been having trouble pooping in her pants at school. I think I have finally figured out why.

She wears tights to school (it's been cold here) and apparently she does not want to ask the teachers for help getting them down and back up again when she is done. She likes her privacy.

Any chance Pineapple is having a hard time getting her underwear up and down?

Just a thought!

Blogger Laurie said...
Hey, it's your blog, girlfriend. It is hard to believe how backwards things have gotten during this scary time, so if you want to be scared of Huckabee states, go right ahead. I'm sure there are many lovely people there (even Obama supporters), but it IS scary when you see such a huge chunk of people take such a huge step backward societally.

Blogger Lea said...
Well, I don't agree with everything McCain stands for but I am supporting him. Obama looks good and sounds good on the surface. He may have good intentions but I don't think there is any way he will be a uniter of this country. He had the most liberal voting record of anyone in the Senate in 2007 (take a look at this very interesting post:
obama_the_great_uniter). If you are for a socialistic society, he is definitely your man. When it comes to digging into the issues, the American people are generally not that liberal, so I think (hope) when the details come out about him, people will start to realize what he really stands for.

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