Monday, February 18, 2008
Best Attachment Activities with Toddlers
I had a long list of activities to do with Pineapple when she arrived, but I have learned that they aren't all equal in terms of attachment. Pushing your child in a stroller for a daily walk or taking them to museums or playing sports, etc. with your child is great and creating experiences withthem is fun, but as far as bonding I have found the following activities the best for adopted or biological toddlers.

1. Lotion- massage your child and let your child put lotion on you

2. Sing songs to each other

3. Stretch exercises on a mat together

4. Feed your child

5. Read to each other

6. Draw and share your pictures (ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes)

7. Make a fort or spend some time together in a little tent with stuffed animals pretending

8. Let your child help you with chores

9. Finger games (itsy spider, patty cake, 10 little, round and round, row row boat)

10. Do each other's hair

11. Let your child sit and play on your back while you read or rest

12. Swing together at the park

13. Sit together and watch appropriate youtube shorts and talk about them

14. Play phone talk about your child

15. Look through photo albums

16. Listen with good eye contact and repeat back what your child says

17. Wear matching colors

18. Take pictures of your child and show them

Two other things we have been doing is

1. Since Pineapple has several pretend ouchies a day I ask her often about her happy parts (noes, eyes, knees, etc.) that are currently not hurting and feeling good

2. Workout with Mommy and Me is a video she loves to do with me and it incorporates exercise and bonding moments


Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
thanks for the list. I ordered a used copy of the video. That will be great to do with O when K is at school.

Blogger Maggie said...
Some of those work with older kids, too. (I've put lotion on Slugger's legs and so forth.) Others that work with older kids are doing their hair (especially if I stand behind him and we get eye contact in the mirror), rubbing his back while we read or watch a movie, playing games (Cranium Cadoo is awesome - lots of activity and interaction).

Blogger Chaotic Mom said...
What an awesome list, and gorgeous pictures, too. You're in Seoul now? We've been stationed in S Korea, but up North a bit. Long time ago. I actually miss Korea and wouldn't mind taking my kiddos back there.

Neat blog. This is my first visit. I'll be back! ;)

Blogger Le Petit Chic said...
Beautiful pictures of Pineapple!

Blogger Lea said...
Great post and beautiful pictures!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
she is really beautiful with her dark hair.
I love your list.
I bet she is bonded like she has been with your forever by now.
How is the potty training going?

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