Tuesday, January 15, 2008
One Year Ago Today Our Princess Came Home
I just finished putting Piney to bed.

I put her in her warm p.j.'s and cuddled her under her warm blankets.

We talked about how it was cold, dark and freezing outside, but we were so happy to be in this warm house, in a soft bed with our little lamp.

Then we played with her magna doodle for awhile.

She made the whole thing dark because it was dark outside.

But then she was sure to include the moon. She went on about the moon for a long time.

Then we played with her little leapfrog bus and she kept asking me if the buttons were too loud for me.

I would agree that they were loud, so she would turn it down or off.

Then she would turn it on again and ask me if it was too loud.

Of course it was really never too loud.

Then we read several books.

She always wanted to skip to her favorite parts.

Finally I whispered a song in her ear, but she wouldn't let me go until she whispered one in mine.

As I was leaving her room I thought of how far she had come in the past year.

She was a completely new child.

No longer a baby who could not understand us, who rocked herself to sleep and could barely walk.

Now she is tall, strong, confident and happy.

And then I remembered.

I came in my bedroom and said M, "Isn't today the anniversary of the day we brought her home?"

Has it really been one full year since she has been with us?

And right at that moment (I am telling the truth here!) I looked over at our computer and (we have all of our photos rotate as a screen saver) the photos of her homecoming came on the screen.

You will appreciate the significance of that if you knew the huge amount of pictures on my computer!

So I sat down and I went back into my blog archives and sure enough!

We touched down on the 14th and the 15th was her first day home one year ago today.

Re-reading over those old posts made me remember what an exciting and special time that was.

Only one week away until her birthday on January 21.

She will be three!


What a special joy she has been in our lives!

We love you Piney!

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Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
Happy anniversary and a happy upcoming birthday. How is the potty training going? I am going full throttle next week. I am scared.

Blogger 6blessings said...
What a precious time with your daughter and what precious memories!

Blogger Rachael said...
Happy one year! Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend the evening.

Blogger Jane and Jim said...
How sweet and special is that? You are very fortunate - she is a beautiful little girl, inside and out.
Happy 1 year home Anniversary, Piney!

Anonymous 3boys1girl said...
You brought tears to my eyes... Happy One Year!

Anonymous Jana said...
makes me happy to hear of her progress. She has came a long way. I hope it gets easier for children in Russia to be adopted by loving families such as yours.

Blogger ana & russ said...
Congratulations on one year home! That is so wonderful!

Blogger Tasha said...
wow I cannot believe its been a year already. she has grown so much since being home with you and your family. Happy 1 yr.

Blogger Rhonda said...
Congratulations on your one year home! It flies by, doesn't it?

Blogger Kristen said...
That's so wonderful!!!

Blogger Jane-Jane said...
been crazy busy here lately, so I have not been around blog world a ton.

This morning I woke to a dream of your family. We were in a restaurant, I saw Piney, then you called my name (like we had hung out for years) There you were with your boys and Piney. It was very fun. When I woke up, I was disappointed that it was a dream.

So then when I stopped by to say hello....there's your One Year post!

Wow what a difference a year can make!

Anonymous holly said...
3 cheers for Piney & Co.! Loved stopping by to read the progress.

Blogger Kay B said...
Happy homecoming anniversary! My, now time flies. It doesn't seem like it's been a whole year already!

Blogger Jessica G. said...
Happy 1 Year! And soooo glad to hear about the progress she had made!

Blogger Lauren said...
That is so sweet.

Blogger Debbie B said...
Wow! 1 year already. When I watch all of you who I've followed for so long get to your one year marks I'm amazed at how fast this past year really has been.

Congratz on one year and Happy birthday to your princess.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just came across your blog yesterday and have already absorbed it all. My husband, son, and I are in the beginning stages of adopting from Russia so your personal account of your experience and emotions means so much to me. Where can I find the middle? I would love to be able to read about the referral, the trip(s) to Russia, and how your little Pineapple adjusted during the first year.

Congratulations on the adoption of your beautiful daughter! I hope to see your story in my own life soon!

I am soo very happy for you. I remember when you were going through the process...you have such a beautiful girl and you guys make a wonderful family!!!

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