Friday, January 11, 2008
The High Lights of My Life
It's January.

In case you haven't noticed it's cold and dreary and everyone is sick.

So what do you do?

I will tell you.

You buy this CD and then you turn it up really loud in your car.

It is akin to sitting down to a whole box of Godiva chocolates.

At least to me.

And I need that because I am one up on you in the misery category because I have two big research papers and finals this month

and they are trying hard to suck the joy out of my life,

but don't worry about me. I have plenty of highs in my life right now too.

Such as...

1. Seeing poop in Piney's little potty. That is a big one.

2. Keeping up with all the blatantly biased, slanted, corrupt news channels and Internet sites about the primary election (I should really stop)

3. Scaling down the stress in our lives by buying less stuff and appointing Sundays as a "NO- T.V., Computer or Electronics day" and instead a "Family Togetherness" day.

4. Making little homemade boats for home-school and floating them in the bathtub to see which motor works the best. Why is it always the boat which is supposed to go the fastest is the one that sinks?

5. Learning about each continent in depth- we are currently learning about Australia. Did you know that the Aborigines did not "discover" Australia, but rather England did (according to our really stupid workbook). But despite that moronic part I have learned a lot. Anytime you want to quiz me on the capitals and stuff... I'm good.

6. Getting to pretend to be Elmo every night (we have a puppet which Piney loves)... singing in my best Elmo voice, "If you are happy and you know it scratch your nose, etc, etc." Nothing like a good sore throat and a nose scratch every night.

7. Planning our Japan trip. We were able to get a five star hotel in Tokyo on priceline for really cheap. I love that site. It might actually put a dent in the extravagant prices that Tokyo thinks is normal and O.K.

8. Reading my environment books that are telling me to only use 2 squares of toilet paper at a time and buy all my clothes at goodwill. I don't think they would have said that if they had visited the thrift store on my base. All of the clothes are from the 1960s. We bought my son's Halloween costume from there. Then again. They would probably still want me to shop there. If you see upcoming pictures of a bag lady. Those are me.

9. Funny moments like this- Pineapple tells me it is time to go. I say, "Really?" She surprises me by pulling up her arm sleeve, bending her arm and then bringing her wrist up to her face as if looking at her watch and announcing, "Yes! It is 8:00! Time to go!" (And IT WAS 8:00!)

Well, that's about it. Any highlights in your life?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love your blog. I've been reading it for the past couple of months. I have to say your life sounds pretty interesting and ideal. I know you probably don't think so, but at least your husband is home with you and your kids. My husband is an officer too and he's been gone from home since August 2007. I'm so jealous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sorry I meant August 2006

Blogger Rhonda said...
Ahhh Jen, I love your lists.

This week all of our stuff is going to be delivered to our house. That is a HUGE highlight.

Blogger Jessica G. said...
Isn't it amazing (and kinda sad) how poop in a potty makes us so happy? And really? I'd love to see some right now! Ain't gonna happen... *sigh*
Highlight from my life currently? Dark Chocolate orange sticks were on sale at the store!

Ah yes, poopy in the potty is a grand thing isn't it? haha. (only other Mother's can understand...)

Have a great trip to Japan! I'll be back for updates :)

I really enjoy your blog. My husband lived in Korea for a year (Air Force also) but he's enlisted and we weren't able to accompany him. I love reading about your life there. (and am only a tiny little bit jealous!)

Good luck with your papers!

Blogger jenny said...
My highlight this weekend is a new dishwasher. Yahoo! 8 months os washing dishes by hand is behind me. But we also have had the sickness here, so I relate. Love the look of the blog!

Blogger Dreamer girl said...
I will have to try that CD. By the way Godiva chocolate is the best. My highlight is that it has been a year since I quit smoking. COOL. Was always ashamed of it. Is the movie out yet?

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